Personal and Business, do you keep them separate on facebook?

Facebook is a social website 1st and then a business website.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses do is create their business page as a “personal” page.  Did you know you are in direct violation of the facebook “Terms & Conditions when you do this?  As you get bigger the odds of you being found get higher and if one of your fans complains, Facebook will shut your page down.

You have spent 2 years getting 1000 or 2000 followers and you go to log in and it’s GONE.

How do you know what kind of page you have set up?

If people click that’s a personal page…no good for a business page. You are in violation. :-(.    Another way to know if your page is a personal page is if you see this   on top of the list of friends you have.

If you have  it means you created a group, groups are generally for discussion on common interests.  This might work for your business but you still need a fan page or business page.

If people click this is what you want for your business page :-), you can also tell your page is correct if you see this 

A few more reasons to do it right, personal pages are limited to 5000 friends, fan / business pages have no limits.

Business / Fan Pages can be seen by people who are not logged in to Facebook, personal pages are not visible.

Get started the right way for your business Create a Page

If you need to migrate a personal page to a business page 

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  1. Karilee says:

    That’s a really clear way to explain the difference, Owen. Many people have been confused, especially with Facebook changing the name from Fan Page to Business Page to Page… There’s more about setting up a Facebook Business Page in a recent article I wrote.

  2. Thank you! This came at exactly the right time!! I’ve been trying for two days to figure out the importance of each one. There isn’t a way to add people to my fan page without them being a friend on my personal page, is there?

    Great Post!

    1. Owen says:

      Anyone can like your fan page, they do not have to be friends of yours on facebook. It’s up to you to promote your page and provide incentives. Go to my page to get your FREE e-book on You Tube (to be released March 15th)

  3. Vince says:

    Do you know if there is a way to separate my profile (personal Facebook stuff) from the business page? Everything I do on the business page shows up on my personal profile. I’d prefer that my business posts not show up on my profile conversations. Any suggestions short of setting up a new profile for personal Facebook conversations?

    1. ByzHubOwen says:

      What program are you using to post to facebook? I doubt that you post something directly to your fan page that it posts to your personal page. You must be using a 3rd party application to aggregate. Look in the settings of where you submit the original post to rectify.

  4. Karina Eva says:

    Why if you are not suppose to promote your business in a personal profile do they let you post recommendations from your fanpage?? Is that just for other people, not the page admin? :S

    1. ByzHubOwen says:

      You are aloud to promote your business in a personal profile they just don’t let you set up a business under a personal profile. Imagine if all you saw when you went to facebook in your news feed was all businesses, you probably wouldn’t enjoy the interaction as much. Facebook is a personal website before it is a business website.