Good Things Are Being Said About YOU

How would you like to thank all who say good things about you? 

Here are some online tools to help you listen.  Set them up once and you are done.

Create streams in Hootsuite

Adding a Keyword Stream in Hootsuite (tip ‘Your Name and Business Name”)

Monitor Local Keywords


The point is, are you listening?

If something negative happens you can jump on it and solve it fast, these situations always turn out to be ultra positive and usually turn a non-customer into a loyal raving fan.

It’s fun to catch someone mentioning you in a positive way too and since you are listening you can thank them, every time you do that the recipient is always impressed.

Do you have an online experience that was created through listening?  If not you will…

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  1. nathanskillen says:

    Unfortunately SocialMention’s alerts haven’t been working for a few weeks now (see their getsatisfaction listing – lots of complaints with no responses)Thanks for Twilert – though it’s only twitter it’s still a great tool

    1. ByzhubOwen says:

      @nathanskillen You are right social mention is only good for real time searches, doesn’t notify, I am finding that google alerts is pretty lame too, Twilert is great like you said and i love adding streams in hootsuite with keywords.