How to Get Your Customers Raving about You

By Owen Clark

Everyday people are getting more savvy, everyday people are becoming more connected, everyday people have more influence, every person who walks into your location can help your business, if only you just asked.

How is this for simple?   facebook / foursquare - Did you check-in?

If you don’t go any further then a small coaster or printed poster with the above question in your lobby you will certainly get free press from your clients that you would have NEVER got before.  What is better then being mentioned by the end user?

A HUGE benefit of Foursquare

Did you know you can look at who checks-in to the business next to you?  People on foursquare are likely to be on twitter and facebook and when you look at their profiles in foursquare you will see their links.  You cannot get this specific on twitter when trying to follow relevant people.  Foursquare allows you to follow and engage with people who physically walk right past your business.

Foursquare also has a gaming aspect to it that rewards users with titles (e.g. Mayor) and Badges (e.g. Superstar), don’t under estimate the power of competition.  When someone becomes the mayor and is ousted, nothing could be better for your business.  If you have not claimed your venue you should!  So you can create specials.


Get creative kids!

I will check-in a few times for you but really if you want me to never ever forgot and to do it every time please reward me.


Facebook Places

Getting people to check-in on facebook is a good thing for your business, however unless they are a ‘friend’ of yours you won’t be notified.  If you are not notified it’s hard to reward them.

How to Turn Your Local Customers Into Raving Fans

Watch & listen to this video on how a Domino’s franchise owner in Chicago uses these tools.  Source of video is from Social Media Examiner

For more info on claiming your Facebook Places Download this guide.

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  1. Irina Bartnik Notary says:

    I went to my Foursquare and updated my profile. Not sure if I am doing it right as the map shows my home location , not my office. I will continue to figure it out. Thank you Owen and Gary!