Engaging Makes a MASSIVE Difference

No hard statistic in this post, instead 3 real life examples to why and what the difference is between engaging and not.

Engage without expectations and social media friendly people will put you on a pedestal.

I hold monthly meetups for entrepreneurs, business owners and thought leaders so they can meet face to face and learn something from the evening’s topic and guest speaker.  Occasionally I’m able to land a heavy hitter / big name.

September 2010 I sponsored Brad Sugars, founder of Action Coach business coaching when he was in town.  After Brad, I sponsored Michael Gerber, well known for his book E-Myth came to town (brought to town by Gary Bizzo and Vera Unwin).  Then July 2011 Cameron Herold who is known for his talk on raising kids to be entrepreneurs  and instrumental in taking 1-800 GOT-JUNK? from 2 million to 105Million in 6 years spoke to the group.

Brad is a world class presenter, if you have never seen him live I highly highly recommend it.  Michael was good but he didn’t have a prepared presentation.  Cameron is another world class speaker and I wouldn’t miss another opportunity to learn from him.

All 3 are dynamic in there own way, all 3 are very successful, and all 3 have earned the spotlight, however…

Cameron Herold is the only 1 who engaged before during and after.


Here is the difference:

  • Hashtag #ByzHub became a trending topic across the country.
  • At least 5 blog posts were written after the event.
  • People were still talking about the evening a week later.
  • Many people have asked for another topic from Cameron.
  • Many have asked for a full day workshop too.

In over a year an a half of doing monthly meetups not once that I am aware of has there been a blog post written after, Cameron was able to inspire at least 5 blog posts on his talk about Generating FREE P.R.

  1. This is a fantastic recap by Jaimie Billingham using tweets and pics from the crowd
  2. Here is an awesome guest post written by Desirée Dupuis for Networking in Vancouver
  3. George Verdolaga was inspired to recap the evening on his blog.
  4. Here is a review by Prompt Proofing on Cameron’s new book Double Double that is a result of the meetup.
  5. If you count this post.

Brad’s talked deserved all this and he got nothing.  Michael was great but his social media is managed by hired guns and how can they be him?

Well done Cameron and thank you for engaging, please check out is new book Double Double.

Engaging is not overly time consuming, I bet over a 2 month period Cameron spent 3 hours replying, commenting and re-tweeting and look at the difference it made.

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Been selling Speed-Sew Fabric Glue internationally for 23 years. ByzHub was a dream of mine that I made a reality. Love #Crossfit.

Extremely fascinated by social media and internet marketing. My kids Rock, I play hard and work hard.

Owen Clark – who has written posts on Owen Clark.


  1. basilpeters says:

    Owen – I agree with your point. Also agree that @CameronHerold is a master at engagement. I saw him recently at the Grow conference. It was another outstanding talk. What got my attention was that Cam’s video got many more views that the other speakers AFTER the event. Check out the stats and catch Cam’s talk if you missed it at Grow: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL646B4D52912BC64E

  2. ByzhubOwen says:

    @basilpeters thx for the link to @CameronHerold talk at Grow