Social Media Baskets – Are all your eggs in one basket?

Are all your eggs in one basket?

April 2011 I did a blog post on proper social media structure and why.

Well am I glad all my eggs are not in one basket.

In March 2011 another blog post about creating your facebook business page correctly.

Last week – 2 things happened to me that really opened my eyes.

When I was setting up my Google+ account and when the time came to enter my age, I got lazy after typing 19 for my year of birth I just continued with two more 9′s to make 1999.

Instantly a window opened up and said I was locked out of ALL my Google accounts and applications.  I use Gmail for email and I use Google Docs and they had been taken away instantly with no notice, no warning. GONE!

The reason – I was under age, fortunately I was able to rectify the situation relatively quickly by verifying my age using my credit card and my accounts were unlocked.

The scary part was realizing how dependent I was to Google and their products / services.

That is not the end of the story, 2 days later YouTube terminated my account.

I got an email from a friend saying a video on my blog was not working, I looked into it, went to my YouTube channel to find this across the top.


“This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.”

No warning, No email, No reason, No option to rectify the issue, GONE and after talking to Josh Rimer a YouTube partner he said it’s extremely hard to get the channel back and the worst part is that apparently I’m banned for life for something I was unaware of.


Even when all your intentions are good and you think you are not breaking any rules, years of hard work could vanish over night if you are not making sure you are in control.

Please comment share / like your thoughts and concerns about this.

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  1. Mark Bossert says:

    Hey Owen,

    Great cautionary tale mate – that it happened to you, sucks! Great that it’s a sober warning about the perils of placing too much trust in these nameless, faceless, almost completely unreachable “platforms” that we take too much for granted.

    We’ve had video shut off on client accounts by FB for similar non-specific reasons… no one to call, no way to contact and get real feedback, no way to get it fixed. We very carefully and specifically did not break the TOS.

    The hidden problems that take place when companies get big so fast… and then must rely on software to make judgements (?) are something we as users who make money from using them, must plan around. Not an easy task!

    What happens when the Gov runs the borders and airport scanners w/ software?

    Your tale has prompted me to back up all our docs on G. I intimately see the bugs in their algos all the time doing optimization.

    Thank you! I’ll see how I can back up things in multiple clouds I guess.