Content Marketing 60 Days In 6 Min!

Content is Key

Content Marketing

The next time you are with 4 people who you know and are close to, ask them for 6 minutes of their time.  That is all the time you need to create a basic content marketing strategy.

Prep them that you are going to tell them your 45 second infomercial about what you do and while you are talking you want them to think of 2 questions each.

As soon as you are done your 45 seconds, ask them one at a time what questions about your business they came up with in their heads.

DO NOT answer these questions, instead write them down, get 2 questions from each person to total 8 questions.  You should actually be done in 3 minutes!

Content Marketing

The answers to those questions are now your next 8 blog posts, do one blog post a week and now you have 2 months of content.

Keep your answer simple, because simple is hard enough, think of a catchy headline for your blog post and after you create your post, figure out six 140-character posts that you can schedule / publish daily at various times to drive traffic to your blog.

Do not sell, Add Value only.

Not only will you learn way more about your business in the next 2 months then you have in the last year but you will also be positioning yourself as an expert too.

Your daily social media activity will become activity based, meaning, become a crack addict, social media is like grout, you can fit it into the cracks of your day.

A few other tips for your content marketing strategy.

  • Edit and proof read before you publish
  • build relevant followers on social media platforms
  • Be consistent

After you have a list of topics to blog about for your content marketing strategy I personally find it easier to write 4 posts at once.  Once you start putting pen to paper you will get into a groove.  Keep going and get 4 done.  You can schedule them and have 1 month done.  1 hour of work, 12 times a year!

I challenge you to commit publicly by commenting on this blog.

Been selling Speed-Sew Fabric Glue internationally for 23 years. ByzHub was a dream of mine that I made a reality. Love #Crossfit.

Extremely fascinated by social media and internet marketing. My kids Rock, I play hard and work hard.

Owen Clark – who has written posts on Owen Clark.


  1. CsillaMoffat says:

    So sorry that I am in the northern capital of BC – Prince George – and missed what, I am quite certain was an awesome presentation on Monday – and this 60 days of content in six minutes is fabulous – thank you Owen.

    1. ByzhubOwen says:

      @CsillaMoffat I was told yesterday that I am the 2nd highest rated speaker for the group, grrrr I want to be #1

      1. CsillaMoffat says:

        That is super … and gives you something to focus on = NUMBER ONE. Just see yourself as already there and it WILL happen. It must!

        1. ByzhubOwen says:

          @CsillaMoffat I was informed I did achieve Number 1, wahoo!

        2. CsillaMoffat says:

          @ByzhubOwen CONGRATULATIONS – What more can I say? U are a winner.

  2. mariloustrait says:

    @ByzhubOwen good blog on content, so practical and doable. I always find a gem in your blogs.

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  4. Great article again, thanks for sharing your tips Owen!
    This article is perfect timing: I’m gonna start my Blog in a few weeks, so stay tuned :)
    PS: To come up with my blog, I was looking for a GREAT idea! And that’s what content should all be about. I thought about it, I found it, now just have to write it!

    1. ByzhubOwen says:

      Awesome to hear, keep me posted and I am looking forward to your blog.

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