Website Improvements in 4 EASY Steps

4 Easy Website Improvements Guest Post By Alyssa Burtt

4 Easy website improvements you can implement today:

1. Reduce Bounce Rate. Add a tagline.

Ask a perfect stranger to look at your website and tell you within the first 2 seconds a) what your business is and b) what your primary product or service offering is. If they struggle to tell you or get it wrong, that’s a red flag that you need to better communicate this. A quick and easy way is to add a tagline that describes your business and core offering in one catchy sentence.

2. Add a Call-to-Action and Make it Count.

What end goal do you want visitors to accomplish when they visit your site? Probably contact you or buy your product. Most visitors will take a meandering path and may never get there. Make it easier for them by adding links on your homepage with two options: “Learn More” with a secondary “or Get Started Today”. Make the links pop with a contrasting colour, big bold type, or with a button graphic.

3. Add a Landing Page.

Create a landing page for that product or service you’re trying to push. Ideally this should have no distracting elements (even stripping the main navigation can help), list the key benefits to encourage the visitor to buy and a crystal clear call-to-action to help them convert.

4. Create Lead Conversion Forms.

For more difficult conversions, start by collecting email addresses from potential leads. Offer something for free to encourage your visitors to part with their information, like a downloadable PDF whitepaper, customized assessment, or other offering directly related to your core product or service. Once you get their email address, follow up!

With today’s content-management-systems, you should be able to perform these updates yourself, or contact your web developer to help you. Remember to measure your results with Google Analytics! Website improvements are always a great idea that get results!

website improvementsAlyssa Burtt is Creative Director and Co-Founder of ZenHouse Media, a web design and inbound marketing agency servicing the small business and Non-Profit sectors in Metro Vancouver, BC.  Alyssa’s design style reflects her vivacious and fun-loving personality. She is hard-working and a perfectionist.  @ZenHouseMedia

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