Blogging …I Spy With My Little Eye


Blogging … I Spy With My Little Eye By Alicia Bernbaum

bloggingBlogging used to be something that people did – it was an activity to talk about food or style or technology.  In 2012, there are now more than ever bloggers and blogging happening about blogging itself. That’s right, blogging about blogs (and really anything that tickles your fancy) is so huge right now and so popular that I want to share with you a free, 150% useful web tool that:

  1. Provides a direct avenue for users to see and read your blog content!
  2. Automatically sends out your content for you!

This tool is called BLOGLOVIN’.  Its a free blog database you sign up for (as a blog/business or as a reader) that helps blog readers manage and keep track of all the blogs they want to read.  It creates one organized feed of all the blogs a reader is subscribed to. There is a category for just about every topic.

This website is great no matter what you do.  Sign your website up for BlogLovin’ to get more exposure for your blog. It automatically feeds in your latest posts.  Its free, instant, exposure for your blog in a world where blogs are everywhere.  You can even put an icon on your website for people to click to take them to your BlogLovin’ profile.  All your latest posts get mailed out with BlogLovin’s daily updates to its subscribers.

Alicia Bernbaum is the Principal Consultant of LoveYourInternet Online Marketing Solutions and the Host of the corresponding web show on YouTube. She pretty much knows a web tool or resource online to do just about anything for your business online. She guides pro-active independent businesses with focused online marketing plans.  (

Alicia Bernbaum – who has written posts on Owen Clark.


  1. says:

    Hey Alicia. how is bloglovin’ different than other RSS readers like Google Reader?

    Also you talk about more exposure – is there something more bloglovin’ does to get you exposure other than listing you in their database?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hello there, great question. Here is what I’ve found:

      - It has an exclusive, built in audience, one that is dedicated and loyal
      - You are listed in its database, but unlike RSS readers, where you have to go to a separate location to read the feeds – email, FeedBurner, GoogleReader, and there are many options to get feeds, it automatically sends out the latest posts straight to the emails of those that are following your blog or can be found right on the website itself – no if, and’s or buts.
      - It categorizes blogs really well and organizes them for you in categories so its easy for others to find your blog while reading other blogs in the same theme