A Facebook Christmas?

A Non- Traditional Facebook Christmas By Jonathan Christian

A Facebook Christmas. More and more traditional advertising methods are losing their effectiveness. Many local businesses are finally waking up to realize the power of Social Media.  I got to work recently with a Christmas Tree farm. Great family, great product, but not so great marketing.

Their previous options were newspaper ads and postal code flyer drops. High cost, hard to monitor.

Whenever I consult with a new client, I always draw a picture of a bicycle wheel. The Hub represents their website and the rim is their target market. Each spoke we add is a connection from their business to the outside world.


Their wordpress website is effective and easy to update. With that in place, it was time to engage the community. Google Local was all set up with lots of pictures and effective categories. Getting reviews really helps to boost your ranking. We were then able to go Social.  With a reach in excess of 50,000 local, potential customers. We ran a Facebook ppc campaign and had great success with over 700 clicks to their site.

Mission complete  – we saved Christmas 2011! They’re now in great shape for 2012. Social Media Marketing need not be complicated, nor expensive – know your product, identify your target customers and engage! Simple really – Local to Social.

Jonathan brought LinkedIn expert Kevin Knebl to Canada in the fall and is now bringing him back for two half day workshops in Vancouver and Surrey Feb 2

Jonathan Christian is founder and Principal Consultant at We Make Stuff Happen. He works with small businesses helping them get into the Social Space.

Jonathan Christian – who has written posts on Owen Clark.