The Simplicity of Social Media

Social Media

The Simplicity Of Social Media For Business By Owen Clark

Social media can add value through educating and entertaining.   I will repeat…Add value

Social Mediathrough educating and entertaining.

People like to buy, they don’t like to be sold.

Why do you make it more complicated then it is?

I find the biggest barriers to entry are the options and the learning curve to navigate the various sites.

My suggestion, start with 1 site at a time, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or YouTube.  They are a good start and probably really the only 5 you need in today’s social media world.

Start with one that you are comfortable with and each quarter expand to the next one.  If you spent 20 minutes a day on Social Media how much better would you be in a year?  7300 min better to be exact or 5 full days.

Make Sure

  • Once you start you keep going, pace yourself and never stop
  • Your website / blog is the center of your internet marketing strategy
  • You plan a little

Sit down for 15 minutes and think of 4 topics about your business that you can entertain and educate your followers about.  Write a small blog post on each and publish your post once a week.  Now you have something to talk about for an entire month.  Do this for a year and people will start telling others that you are an expert and before you know it you will be a leader in your industry.

People listen to experts they follow leaders.

Next week I will talk about social media as your new customer service.

If you could only choose 2 social media sites from the 5 listed above (Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn, Google+ and YouTube) which 2 would be your preference?

Been selling Speed-Sew Fabric Glue internationally for 23 years. ByzHub was a dream of mine that I made a reality. Love #Crossfit.

Extremely fascinated by social media and internet marketing. My kids Rock, I play hard and work hard.

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  1. Facebook and Twitter as I know they currently drive the most visitors and referrals to me. That said I have a YouTube marketing strategy in place for 2012 as video is huge and not to be missed. I agree with starting on one site and mastering that first. Too many people try to be everywhere and anywhere and fail to do either

    1. Anonymous says:

      What are your thoughts with Google+ considering they own search, it seems this can be a quick way to increase your SEO fast.

  2. James says:

    Facebook and Youtube. If a picture paints a thousand words a video paints a million. As the saying goes…don’t tell me, SHOW me!!

    1. ByzhubOwen says:

      Let’s make some videos :-0