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How to Attract Business Through An Email Signature?

Its probably safe to say that you have a presence online – that you are using some form of social media (a website, a blog you write etc) or you work for a company that has some presence online. Now that you’ve added yourself to BlogLovin’ as well, it would be nice to attract new business to your website/blog using….EMAIL because EVERYONE uses email. The basic email signature that GMAIL, HOTMAIL, Yahoo Mail etc provides are just that, BASIC.

I’d like to introduce you to a web tool that will make your email signature  blow the socks off your contact list. This tool allows you to : 

  1. Input your logo, nice looking social links, quotes, newsletter sign up…all in your everyday or work emails you send out.
  2. Allows you to switch back and forth between a personal email signature and a business signature with different content for different emails!
  3. Stops you from attaching your logo as an image attachment!

This tool is called WiseStamp and it is a service you download for free that installs into your GMAIL, HOTMAIL, AOL or Yahoo Mail. Unfortunately, this tool does not work with Outlook. However, now you’re not wasting precious advertising space below your ‘Thanks, from X’ ending to your emails.

Whether you own your own business or you work with one, and you want to promote it to those that may not be a client, this is a perfect way to easily promote something effectively in the most common but misused way, and attract more business.

Here is Owen’s wisestamp email signature

Email Signature

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