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youtube videos views

How To Get More Business Out Of Your YouTube Videos Views

YouTube is now receiving 60 hours worth of web videos every minute!  That’s an incredible amount of competition for the eyeballs of your prospects.  So how do you stand out?  and get more youtube videos views? By keeping these five key things in mind when creating your videos:

  1. Be entertaining, educational, or both.  Share good information, in an engaging way, that makes the viewer want to share your video with their friends. If you’re able to entertain them, make them laugh, and even surprise them a bit, you’ll be well on your videos views
  2. Have a plan.  You should have a clear idea of why you’re creating the video, what you want to accomplish with the video, and what action you want viewers to take. A plan will save you time and energy, while also making for a better video.
  3. Don’t sell.  Using YouTube for business, like with other social media, is not about hard selling.  By creating videos that showcase you and your services, you can build up an audience of people who know, like 
    and trust you – and that’s when they’ll want to do business with you.
  4. Steady your camera and turn on a light.  Consider placing your camera on a tripod or other steady surface so isn’t shaking around and everything fits nicely within the frame.  Have a light pointing toward people so they’re easy to see.
  5. Keep it short! YouTube viewers have very short attention spans. In general, keep your videos down to under 3 minutes. Start out with something exciting or a teaser of what’s coming up in the video right at the start because if you don’t catch them within the first few seconds, you’ll lose them before they get to the good parts.

Remember those five tips when you’re creating online videos for your business and you’ll start receiving a bigger share of YouTube’s 4 billion daily views!

Josh Rimer is a YouTube Partner and personality who promotes companies and their products through entertainment focused web videos. Get his free eBook on ways to get more online video views at his YouTube Marketing Tactics blog (

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