“Its about you, its about me…It was only just a dream”

By Alicia Bernbaum

I turned 23 years old on Saturday and so much about my life is changing all at once. When it rains, it pours you know? I’m moving out this weekend, I’ve got great marketing clients, exciting film projects and I just contributed to my RRSP (whoa). When momentum picks up, and you know when it happens, amazing things start happening. Now more than ever we all need some place online that showcases who we are to everyone as we grow and develop – personally and professionally.

Id like to introduce you to a web tool that will allow you to create a free, instant online platform for people to stay up to connect to you in one place. Think Grand Central Station: for you. This tool allows you to :

  1. Connect all of your social media links in one place
  2. No hassle online hub for your work, without the “blogging” atmosphere of WordPress, Blogger, or any of those websites
  3. Visually create and display what you’re all about in a drag and drop system
  4. You get website insights and analytics built in

This tool is called About.me and it is a personal website builder that gives you a place to showcase everywhere you are online in one neat, visual space. You get your own personal domain for free that is http://www.about.me/namehere and it gives you a professional presence online fast and efficiently. If this sounds like you: “Oh no, I don’t have time to create a full website for my new business or myself right now but I still need something for people to go to, fast.” then this should undoubtedly help you out.


Alicia Bernbaum is the Principal Consultant of LoveYourInternet Online Marketing Solutions and the Host of the corresponding web show on YouTube. She pretty much knows a web tool or resource online to do just about anything for your business online. She guides pro-active independent businesses with focused online marketing plans.  (www.loveyourinternet.com)

Alicia Bernbaum – who has written posts on Owen Clark.