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Email Marketing Impacts Customer Life Line

Email Marketing

At the moment e-businesses that focus on wanting to help visitors by giving good and free content away seem to be the huge list builders. If you focus on relationship building and focus on working that trust with your followers the sales will come! Like any other sales process you need to show your character, build trust and win your audience. It’seven more important today to focus on this if you want to succeed at influencing your list to make buying decisions. Email marketing is still a common trend today and there are living signs of successful business out there that have applied this marketing strategy as a way to create recurring revenue. Your audience is getting smarter hence you need deliver relevant knowledge with blinding speed.

Marketers still use an e-marketing plan and a campaign schedule. The customers go through an automated email life line however the content on these written letters tend to get updated with the influx of new content and information. Smart marketers ensure that their content stays relevant and updates are sent to their followers frequently. Scheduling of mail outs that co-relate with upcoming news promotions and launches still take place today. There is an SEO company out there that prides it self for over-delivering on content as they find that this increases the sales revenue on every launch. They have found that they still make revenue even when selling is not the main emphasis. The other evolution is as lists grow list become segmented and sorted by different demographics based on the type of client, location, spending history and consumer activity. Companies are becoming smarter on how they manage their list.

How often do you give good and free content to your list?

Bosco Anthony was born in Tanzania, East Africa and moved to Canada 10 years ago. Bosco worked as an affiliate manager for one of the biggest internet marketing companies in North America. While there, he managed over 250,000 super affiliates and developed powerful relationships within the internet-marketing community. (

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  1. Write Ahead says:

    We blog at least weekly at and compile it all into a monthly newsletter with additional content and resources, though I know I need to increase the frequency of that newsletter to twice a month. This year Write Ahead is working on building up our free, useful content and adding lots of value for our followers, and we have a strategy in place to increase that. It’s actually really fun to provide free resources and content, because we get lots of positive feedback and are developing a better understanding of what our customers need from us.

  2. content is the new salescopy – in the weeks to come you will see another post by me on content curation and content strategies – i just emailed it to owen so look for that

    thanks for commenting and i agree – providing valuable content can be very rewarding

  3. Don Tietz says:

    Like I heard You say many times, good quality content is the key in email marketing or any type of marketing.
    All the good high quality content that You deliver is why Your “Internet Marketing Think Tank / Business and Marketing Tips Meetup” is always full of business owners looking to learn how to expand their businesses by effective marketing practises.