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YouTube Marketing

 Consistency Is Key With YouTube Marketing

I recently returned from a trip to Orlando, Florida for Playlist LIVE – an annual convention of YouTube Marketing content creators and fans.  This year they added an industry day where top YouTubers gave insights into ways they grew their audiences to be so big and loyal.

YouTube Marketing

One of the main pieces of advice given by many of  YouTube Marketing experts was that a regular uploading schedule of at least once a week is crucial.  Doing so helps viewers to remember when to tune in again.  Weekly makes it easy for them to know when it’s time to check out a new video, whereas anything longer than that can result in them forgetting.

Another key factor that was brought up by many of the YouTube Marketing content creators on the panels was the importance of always creating the same kind of material for your channel.  When viewers subscribe to your channel it’s because they want to see more of the type of content they were watching when they clicked on the subscribe button.  If you switch from a comedy, to an educational piece, to some vlogging, and so on, you’ll likely see people unsubscribe with each change of genre.

People are creatures of habit.  It’s only natural for most to like routine and be resistant to change.  If someone started watching a TV show and that show wasn’t on the same night each week, they’d likely start missing episodes and then probably stop watching all together.  If that show suddenly changed to be a drama instead of a comedy, again many people would not continue to tune in because of that.  Treat your YouTube videos like they’re episodes of a “show” with a regular schedule and a consistent feel throughout, and you’ll be sure to see an increase in viewers and subscribers with each new upload!

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  1. Perry Carey Moore says:

    Great information and reminder that consistency is king, your magesty. And who are the Queens standing next to you in the photo? such big smiles, what big teeth you all have.

    1. Josh Rimer says:

      Ha, that’s Jenna Marbles, Glozell, and iJustine. The Queens of YouTube! :-)