Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing  - They Know Where You Are…

They know where you are and they’re out to get you…yes, I’m talking about evil marketers and their Mobile Marketing campaigns.

(Insert Evil Laugh)

Mobile Marketing

Local based SMS marketing is one of the new kids on the block in the fast evolving world of mobile marketing. The concept is this:

Imagine walking into a mall and then receiving a notification(s) on your phone offering you some freebies or coupons from some of the mall merchants. It can be achieved using a number of technologies including mobile phone tracking, WiFi and Bluetooth.

My first thought on this is that it wouldn’t work because it isn’t permission-based marketing and would be seen as spam. Now, developers of this technology have changed their evil ways so that in order to receive these messages you need to opt in. I like the sounds of that a lot better.  It’s almost like an SMS Smart Bomb.

Let’s say that you like shopping at Metropolis in Metrotown and wanted to receive deals from the stores inside. Of the 3 or 4 stores that I would actually buy things from (I might be a bad example, as I’m not a big “mall guy”), I sure as heck wouldn’t want to get blasted by 20+ merchants as I walk to the food court.

For me, it makes a lot more sense to sign up to hear about the promotions from those 3 or 4 individual stores that I actually care about.

As with anything, there are pros and cons and you may have your eyes opened up to businesses that you’ve never heard of before.

What are your thoughts on Mobile Marketing ? Would you like to get offers from all kinds of merchants or just hand pick the ones that you already know you like?

I’d love to hear what you think.

Nat Green is the founder of Revolution Marketing Strategies and  Rev Mobile Marketing. Nat balances his time spent learning and implementing the latest and most effective marketing strategies to benefit business by enjoying quality time with his amazing girlfriend and their great dane.

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  1. Nancy Prokosh says:

    I would not want to be bombarded with coupons etc. the email has taken over my daily life as is. I can’t believe how far businesses go to earn money, it is getting really ridiculous – I want to move to “Gilligan’s Island”!

  2. Jcrev says:

    I agree with Nancy on this one.  Even as a seller my product is too unique to market in the way anyway

  3. Jcrev says:

    I agree with Nancy on this one. Even as a seller my products are too unique to be marketed in this way.

  4. WayneF says:

    We would be lucky (and live in a different Universe) if that is as far as that tracking technology will go.  It’s naive to assume that being tracked and knowing all about our wants and needs (and habits, and schedules) is all horded for the advertisers only…

    In any event, know where your own boundaries exist and insist upon them.  They are your most basic rights.  You don’t have to settle for being harassed “only by marketers that annoy you the least”.

    Sorry, not what marketing-invested techies want to hear.   But don’t make the mistake of characterising PRIVACY as a bad word.  (A hint of that in your little joke about evil marketers.)

    1. Nat Green says:

      I agree Wayne.As an advocate of text marketing and other permission based strategies, I think the type of marketing that I discuss in this post is too far down the path of annoyance and I judging by everyone’s comments here, I think that seems to be the same thinking.

      I was approached by one of my providers a while back to try this technology out and decided against it. 

  5. Don Tietz says:

    I also agree with Nancy,  who want to be harassed and I had a boss who would text me just before quitting time with one more place to go, so I turned off my texting and then he had to phone and I could say no. I know most people would not be willing to turn off their phone when they entered the mall but I would.

    1. ByzhubOwen says:

      Haha I would probably turn off my phone too just like how I have turned off daily deals.