Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics Setup

 Avoid This Suicidal Mistake in Google Analytics Setup

As I work with clients, I’m learning more about the common mistakes in  Google Analytics setup . In most cases they are reversible or not destructive, some have permanent impact, which ultimately harm your data analysis, so the first time I meet with a client, I create a list of “Must Fix” issues.


Good news is that most issues are small and easy to fix, but there is a rare yet highly destructive error in Google Analytics setup, which is filtering your default profile.


Filters are by their nature are a very effective tool to create data segments, and make life easier for data analysts. You need to remember that they have an irreversible impact on data, and I’m sure you can’t afford missing such a valuable asset.


When creating a Google Analytics account, or a web property within your account, it creates a default profile under that property where it collects all the data, including valid and junks. It’s the master profile of your web property and it’s absolutely important to leave it INTACT.


“In case you need to filter a segment, create another profile.”


How to do that?  Three easy steps; in your GA interface, click on Admin, then press New Profile button, name the profile and create it, that’s it. You have already created a new profile that receives the same data as the Default profile, but is not dangerous to mess with.

google analytics setup


Safely add filters to this profile, and don’t forget to do the entire configuration you’ve done on your default profile here too. Also have a plan for profile creation; there is a limit of 50 profiles per web property, and 25 properties in the free version of Google Analytics.


Learn more about adding a profile on Google Analytics Help:

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