Custom Engagement Tool


Custom Engagement Tool - If You Build It, They Will Come..Back.

Think about this scenario: Your biggest fan and major potential client has just followed you on Twitter. You want to show them that you’re in demand as you’ve just written a fabulous article about the benefits of your service or product on another popular blog. You post this link with a tag line on your Twitter feed and hope they click! How would you like it if that click continued to lead that client back to you and what you do even after they’ve read the article!? You do want them to come back and work with you right!?  I want to share with you a free, incredibly useful web Custom Engagement Tool that:

  1. Uses an engagement bar to keep your fans connected to you even when you link out from your social media site
  2. Includes analytics to see who’s clicking your links and staying in touch

This Custom Engagement Tool is one of my favorites and is called Visibli. Its a free non-invasive “engagement” bar that you can design to include custom links, text and interactive apps that will follow your client when they click out from your social accounts or your blog.

Here is a great example:

Custom Engagement Tool

Your engagement bar appears at the top of the linked page and will give them easy access to get back to you and remember where they came from either on your website, your Facebook page or more.

Create an account, design your bar and link it to your Facebook page, Twitter and your blog. You can also install a free “BookMarklet” which allows you to convert any webpage URL to one with your Visibli engagement bar account. This makes any URL you want to share a free promotional tool for you and your business online.


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  1. Very interesting. I like it!  It looks like you only need to pay for the service if you want the analytics. 

    1.  There are free analytic’s included in the basic version, Andrew. However more in-depth analytic’s are a paid service. But, more importantly, I’ve found the free software to be incredibly useful and fun to you and have not been interested in the paid version at all yet.