Social Media – Head Shots or Logos?

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Don’t Lose Your Head With Social Media

You arrive to an early morning breakfast networking meeting and everyone is wearing a mask with his or her logo painted on them.  You log into your social media platforms and all you see are logos.

You attend a trade show and all the participants are standing behind their beautiful media

You exchange business cards and the card you received only has the name of the company.

You go online and everyone is hiding behind their logos.

Social media platforms are databases of people, people like talking to people not businesses, logos or banners.

Social media sites like Facebook agrees with me too.  Their new timeline look is perfect, because it allows you 2 pictures, a cover picture that can be your logo or banner and a profile picture that can be YOU.

Do you think having a logo, as an avatar is good for business?  What does your gut say?Do you interact with logo’s if you don’t know who is behind it?

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  1. JLggM says:

    I agree with you. Businesses do need to put a name and face to their logo. For example, many companies have their logo for Twitter, but if you read the profile, they say “tweets by @…..” or “tweets by FirstName LastName.”

    As an individual, I personally reserve the right to use a logo/avatar (or not). For example, I use a logo for twitter because sometimes I don’t personally know everyone I’m interacting with. If we meet in person and/or can mutually benefit from further interaction, we can connect on LinkedIn (which has my picture). And if we really hit it off, you can get to know me and my family, extended family, and friends on Facebook.

    I’m curious to know if anyone else has “levels” of interaction like this?

    1. ByzhubOwen says:

      totally agree, if you look at Starbucks or Alaska Airlines where companies obviously should use their logo.  They are transparent as you are.

  2. Write Ahead says:

    I agree that it makes sense for solopreneurs to use a photo of themselves, and large companies to use a logo. For a small to medium business, it seems like it’s a grey area. I recently switched to my logo from my photo on Twitter and it hasn’t changed my level of engagement. I’m still on the fence about which is better.