SEO-Friendly Copy

SEO-friendly copy

SEO-Friendly Copy

SEO-Friendly Copy

We’ve all seen articles that are stuffed so heavily with keywords that the meaning and intention are completely lost. There is an art to using keywords in copy, but it can be difficult to master. Google AdWords helps you figure out what keywords and phrases to use, but the way you use them is up to you. Here are a few ideas:

1. Don’t “stuff” more than 3 keywords on a page. You can use the same 3 keywords multiple times on a page, but for optimal search engine friendliness, 2-3 per page is the max.

2. Use long-tail search terms. People search using long phrases now, rather than only inputting one or two words. If you can incorporate long-tail search terms into your copy, people using that specific phrasing will find you more easily (and they are more likely to fall into your target market).

3. Update your keyword research regularly. Google is changing its search algorithms all the time, and how people use Google also evolves. Every few months, do a new keyword search and see what’s changed.

Do you know how keyword-friendly your copy is?

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