Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing Strategy

5 Measurable’s for Your Internet Marketing Strategy

A GREAT business coach, will have systems that will apply to all businesses on and offline in all industries. Including your Internet Marketing Strategy.  Although having a NICHE’ as a business coach is good, how can a coach who only coaches realtors (for example) add value to his clients if he/she coaches your competitors and gives them the same guidance and tools as he/she gives you?

A GREAT coach is a business GENERALIST and has vast experience in a variety of industries.Internet Marketing Strategy

I hate to tell you this…but “You are all the same”!

I have talked to so many people that believe that their business is different and a coach can’t help them because “their business is unique”. REALLY? Business is business. It all comes down to 5 things you can control that result in 3 things that everyone focuses on.

Apply these 5 things to your internet marketing strategy as well as your offline strategy.

Things you can control:

1. Leads

2. Conversion of leads

=                                               Customers

3. # of Times a customer buys from you each year

4. Average value of each sale

=                                               Revenue

5. Profit Margin %

=                                                Profit

If you think your business model is different and you can convince me that the above model wont work for you I will coach you for FREE for 1 month. If I’m right you pay me my coaching fee.

I have over 350 proven strategies to help YOU with!  MasterCOACH, Global Trainer, Coach of Coaches for Action Coach.  Next Growth Club is Tuesday December 18th, Create A Road Map For The Next 90 Days ( My Passion outside of coaching is my family and racing.

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