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 3 Landing Page Lessons From Costa Rica Where The Streets Have No Name

What good is Google Maps when there are no street names or house numbers?

This is life in Costa Rica. Cell + 3g access on the most remote beaches…but no roads to get to the beach. Granite countertops inside…and rusty barb wire fences outside.

Locked inside this dichotomy are a few valuable landing page lessons and selling online.landing page lessons

1) You can’t please everyone. Some people complain development is ruining the country. Others complain about the relaxed nature or lack of development. Still, there is a group that gets it and just love it here.

Your product will never be able to please everyone so don’t try and say it does on your landing page. Speak to the people who get it and ignore the rest.

2) Sometimes old, ugly or just plain weird actually works.  If your website is outdated but packed with personality and authenticity it may be doing you a favour. Think twice before you hire someone to turn it into a cookie cutter site or turn your personal message into corporate clichés. Depending on your industry and audience, an unedited personal message may inspire trust and portray you as honest and normal.

3) Most things you read on the internet aren’t true. Costa Rica’s “active” volcano Arenal…turns out it has been dormant for over a year. Sadly Google’s algorithm is based on page maturity and keywords…not accuracy or intelligence.

Take everything you read about marketing with many grains of salt. Especially this post: I’d much rather be at the beach than here fact checking.

Puda Vida,


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  1. Bosco Anthony says:

    with the penguin update released this april googles intelligence factor will be impacting a lot more dormant sites 

    great post! 

  2. Robertrealtor says:

    Same as India. A whole sub-continent where the GPS is pull the car over to the side of the road and ask the folks how to get to your destination.
    No street names except for main highways and no addresses. However everybody has fast and efficient WiFi. Ten people hanging off a 4 passenger Tuk Tuk roaring down the highway all on their cell phones and coverage is CHEAP. 
    The other lesson from this is that if these people are “poor” in cash yet can be supplied with superior and much cheaper WiFi and all WiFi infrastructure costs the same, we in Canada and the USA are being severely ripped off. Cheers