Video Blogging And 4 Frogs On Lily Pads

 Video Blogging And 4 Frogs On Lily Pads

Video Blogging, have you ever done it?

I decided in March that I would produce a weekly video blog for Speed-Sew Fabric Mender.  Have you ever decided to do something?

video blogging

There are 4 frogs on lily pads and 3 decide to jump off.  How many frogs are still on the lily pads?

The 1st weeks of April came and went and still no video.  I was still on the lily pad.  Don’t decide to jump, actually JUMP!!!

I took my phone and recorded a video using Speed-Sew to mend a rip in my couch. Does my 1st video suck…YES! Do you think if I stay consistent and persistent for 52 weeks I’ll be better at video in a year?  You will too!

Starting for some of us is the hardest part.  I have posted 5 videos now and the 6th one is recorded.  Each one is getting easier each one is getting better.

You have the tools to get started right away too.  Smart phones have awesome video camera’s and your computer has free editing software already installed.  I bought lights but have found natural light much easier to work with.

This is the 2nd video blogging attempt I made and my 11-year old daughter recorded it for me.  Did I mention deciding to do something is different then starting?

What are you going to start this week?

Been selling Speed-Sew Fabric Glue internationally for 23 years. ByzHub was a dream of mine that I made a reality. Love #Crossfit.

Extremely fascinated by social media and internet marketing. My kids Rock, I play hard and work hard.

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  1. Jeremiah says:

    It’s all a matter of conditioning!! Making videos is not an easy task, and as the productions get made there is always personal critiques that make the next one better. I can imagine in a year that you’ll be using wipes and fades, audio jinglets, fonts, mics, lighting, maybe even a dolly. The last production I did, which was a measure of quality beyond the first, included DVD menu production – ultimately I taught myself 3D Studio to make the graphics and video, and Sony acid for the audio. It’s an addiction!! I look forward to the next video Owen :)

    1. ByzhubOwen says:

      Addiction huh :-)

  2. Josh Rimer says:

    You’re so right Owen, the biggest hurdle for people is usually just starting in the first place!  And your videos are getting better each time.  Good tip about the outdoor lighting too – I’ll have to recommend that more often!

  3. Great job. As good or better than most of the videos…and the sound is terrific.

    It’s sound not video that really makes the video…so what phone did you use

    1. ByzhubOwen says:

      Samsung Galaxy Nexus

      Thanks Robert

      1. The problem I find with video is video cameras scare people when you are filming in public, like homes, however the camera is so innocuous that no one notices.

        I spent over a year with sound problems as most cameras do not have external mikes and suck at sound.

        You can also improve your editing including cool background music with iMovie a $15.00 dollar download from the Apple store plus there is no large learning curve. My problem now is getting the time to film content.