Facebook Ads Are They Worth It?

Facebook ads

I Get Asked Regularly If Facebook Ads Are Worth It.

Hell yes is my answer and here is why Facebook Ads are worth it.  Facebook has over 1 billion subscribers! There is no number 2 when it comes to an audience on the internet.  With Facebook you can reach the exact audience you want with relevant targeted ads.

facebook ads



Seriously don’t waste your money. It’s way to easy to set up facebook ads and because they are not that expensive you might not take it seriously.


Its easy to set up a campaign on Facebook. The magic happens once people click the ad.

  • Where are you going to drive people?
  • What is the objective?

You need to be able to test and measure. Use a URL shortener, drive people to a custom landing page just for your Facebook Ads. Eg thanks for clicking the Facebook ad, here is our promise. For more info … the call to action needs to be compelling.

Getting people to click your Facebook ads is the easy part however it’s only the beginning, you need to think multiple steps ahead.  Create a path that you want to lead people down.  The exact same goes for Google Ads.  What’s the point in having great analytics if there is no conversion.  You need to turn your statistics into real people.  Then and only then does the sale process start.

Your target audience is on Facebook and yes I believe Facebook is a great place to advertise.  If you have had lame results I would like to see what your campaign and strategy looked like before I hear you tell me that Facebook advertising sucks.

There is my rant on Facebook Ads, do you want to pipe in?  We haven’t even touched on setting up your Facebook Ads.  Have you created a successful campaign?

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