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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co founder of Nudist Portal.Swingers and The Swinging Lifestyle Compared By Nudism and the Nudist Lifestyle The Swinging Community and Swingers Vs. The Nudist Community and Naturism All of us understand that naturism is not about sexand that swinging is mostly about sex. But what's swinging extremely? What does it have to do with nudism? In this post we'll discuss how swinging is explained, its history and how it relates to naturism. What's swinging and who are swingers - the basic terms and what they mean: Swinging is essentially called a non monogamous relationship in which individuals engage in sexual activities with others as http://x-public.com or social action. Please be http://crazypublic.com that swingers can be in a committed relationships or single people. The swingers relationship is, in addition, known as an open relationship. This can be because of the fact they metaphorically leave the door to their bedroom open to let others enter. The term "lifestyle" can also be a synonym for swinging, as in swinger groups = lifestyle groups. The Swinger Community: Based on estimates by the Kinsey Institute in 2005, swingers made up about 2% - 3% of all married couples in the USA (which, at some time, would have encompassed about 4 million people in North America). Lately, som
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