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The fact that this file has been read indicates an curiosity about the naturist lifestyle. It's suggested the reader could be facing one or more of the issues outlined above. The aim and intention of this article is to identify and discuss these issues. Naturism is a lifestyle where people just choose a garments. Free environment when it's practical to do so. This implies only that http://x-public.com wears garments for protection rather than adornment. Naturism recognises no gender, age, colour, class, race, religious, or political barriers. Compare a random number of naturists to a similarly numbered group of 'cloths'. The difference is difficult to define except possibly that one would find that nudists have a more open perspective of life plus a higher personal moral and fitter standard than many others. Let's now consider all the problems listed in the very first paragraph. I AM OVERWEIGHT etc. Does it matter? Let us be fair in western nations most peop continue reading
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Pulling Nudist Youth and Podcast Interview with Felicity

Getting More Naturist Youth Involved in Nudism: Nudist Youth - Yesterday the latest podcast of the Naturist Living Show came out entitled "Attracting Youth." If you have never heard of the show, it's a monthly podcast by Stephane Deschenes, owner of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Ontario, Canada. I do not know how many of you listen to podcasts, but this Internet radio show genre appears to have grown in popularity in the last few years. Nevertheless, in the world of nudism, Stephane is ahead of the game because he's got the only nudist podcast on the planet right now and a large following to boot. Stephane asked to interview me for this month's show about young naturists, who we are and what we're doing. So what you hear in the show is Stephane first sharing his ideas on how naturist clubs, groups, etc. can draw in more naturist youth. Then there is an interview with me, followed by nudists with Jess of the blog Naked Vegan Cooking. If you need some tips or advice on attracti continue reading
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aits with erotic unde

rtones (or possibly overtones). Schiele frequently used himself as a model, and depicts himself in the throes of despair, Exposure, and self- Assessment. In his nude self-portraits, Schiele ex plores "the power of sexuality questions of Physical identity, and carnal encounter." 19 What better means to learn about a brand new individuality in "manhood" than by tapping into one's own soul? In Schiele's Naked Self-Portrait from 1910, the artists depicts himself full frontal, emaciated, and hairy, with no feet or hands, and his red eye mirrored by his nipples, navel, and dick. The image is in stunning contrast to the Composed and collected Neoclassical guys, and even to Rodin's emotional sculptures. Schiele goes in the direct opposite Path of idealization, and instead abstracts himself to the point of the grotesque. The artist is tortured and extreme as he attempts to grasp his internal self. Egon Schiele Egon Schiele, Naked Self-Portrait, 1910. Black chalk, continue reading
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Sadly, this actual issue of competitive and disrespectful behaviour isn't what most of the media cov

These questions have never been asked of a certain nearly-naked white man street performer. You know http://x-pot.com dressed only in his tighty whities, his nips completely exposed, hanging out every day with his guitar in Times Square. Sadder still is the fact that New York's leaders and politicians have already been entirely on board with this foolish campaign. NYC Mayor Bill de http://crazypublic.com and Governor Cuomo have both spoken out against the desnudas. Cuomo told NY1 that their actions were "illegal" and "must be stopped." He commended the Daily News for his or her diligent reporting on this "serious problem." De Blasio remarked, "it is erroneous" and "I don't like the scenario in Times Square, and we're going to address it in a quite aggressive style." Last week, De Blasio gathered a task force "to control topless people." The topfree performers are seemingly such a "catastrophe" that Mayor de Blasio and police commissioner William Bratton have talked about tearing continue reading
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What are Breasts?

Breasts are organs made up of adipose (fat) tissue and connective tissue. Within these tissues is a system of blood vessels, nerves and lymph nodes / vessels. Ligaments join the breasts to the body. Underneath the breasts are the pectoral muscles, which sit on top of the rib cage. (But breasts themselves do not comprise muscle.) The different, annular area of skin surrounding the nipple is called the areola. Beneath the areola are milk ducts which deliver milk to the nipple. The milk ducts are linked to 15 20 lobes and mammary glands (also called lobules), which produce breast milk (largely) in nursing url . Below is an image that depicts the anatomy of female breasts: Female Breast Anatomy What're Mammary Glands? Mammary glands are modified sweat glands that are found in both women and men. Mammaries generally only function in women who are lactating (producing milk to nourish a baby) but technically, men have that ability too. What are the differences between male and femal continue reading
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Modesty, Body Image & Why I am Joining NYC Bodypainting Day

Guest Site by: Nicolette Barischoff After I first came out as a naturist to my family (made up of Burning Man hippies and ultra-conservative Christians likewise), reactions ranged from "Yeah, I kinda figured," all the way to "Did Not you do this a few years ago?" I've pretty much always been nude. It is hard to pin down when or how that happened. My parents were both pretty conventional non-denominational Christians, and the importance of modesty was stressed at me early and often. It only did not really require. I recall countless lectures on the sanctity of a woman's modesty, the mysterious and unexpected weight of duty that was a Woman's Body. "You've a woman's body, now, you can't just go around without thinking!" I recall quiet, hot sex on the beach , urgent asides reminding me how vital was my part in ensuring that guys were not frightened / filled with unshakable lust / given wrong notions about me. I lost count of how many times I mortified my siblings by coming out of the t continue reading
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About the Author (Author Profile)

Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co founder of Nudist Portal.Swingers and The Swinging Lifestyle Compared By Nudism and the Nudist Lifestyle The Swinging Community and Swingers Vs. The Nudist Community and Naturism All of us understand that naturism is not about sexand that swinging is mostly about sex. But what's swinging extremely? What does it have to do with nudism? In this post we'll discuss how swinging is explained, its history and how it relates to naturism. What's swinging and who are swingers - the basic terms and what they mean: Swinging is essentially called a non monogamous relationship in which individuals engage in sexual activities with others as http://x-public.com or social action. Please be http://crazypublic.com that swingers can be in a committed relationships or single people. The swingers relationship is, in addition, known as an open relationship. This can be because of the fact they metaphorically leave the door to their bedroom open to let others e continue reading
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Review of Paradise Lakes - an Enjoyable Naturist Resort in Florida

Guest Blog by: David Clark Paradise Lakes Clothing Optional Nudist Resort in Florida: Paradise Lakes - Located near Tampa, Paradise Lakes is a clothing optional resort where my lady and I spent click . We rented a place referred to as The Hammock in the RV park. It's a well-appointed double wide with a lanai, a pub, 3 TVs, kitchen, outside shower, and a golf cart. A superb thing is you can remain there and make it your Florida vacation home base (and dwell the naturist lifestyle) without paying any resort fees. When you like you can use the resort for about $50/day/couple and enjoy swimming pools, hot tub, pub, restaurant, night club, activities, and sports. The community consists of RV's, condo's, hotel rooms, and single family homes. There are numerous small lakes with fish, alligators, and turtles. We met folks from around the US, mainly retired and few younger couples with kids. It's unquestionably the over-40 crowd, and be prepared for http://b-boyz.com in the cabaret. W continue reading
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Nudist Stars and Naked Friendly Celebs

Nudist Stars - There is no denying it, celebs impact every facet of our culture. Today, celebs are brands within themselves: marketing everything from smells (truly Khloe and Lamar, a unisex scent?) to low-calorie margaritas (as if being a Real Housewife wasn't bad enough). A December 2010 study by Klout, a San Francisco-based social media analytics firm, ranked Justin Beiber second, behind Barack Obama, when it comes to societal influence. That's appropriate; Beiber is nearly as socially powerful as Barack. As frightening as that's, stars affect fashion trends, social tendencies and even political trends, their power knows no bounds. But how about sexy moms on beach ? While a number of celebrities admit that they love practicing a fkk lifestyle (to varying levels), there is no celebrity excited to emerge on nudism's behalf no face to represent no clothes. Would a celeb talking openly on behalf of the naturist community be able to change society's misconceptions of nudism? It may be continue reading
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Introducing Your Significant Other to Naturism By Nudie Lee

The Way To Go About Introducing Your Significant Other to Naturism: We've got a fresh feature here on the Naturist Portal site! Writer, guidance expert and good buddy of FKK, Nudie Lee is here to answer your questions on how to balance your life and relationships. To get things started this Valentine's Day, we asked people on Facebook what they struggled with. Here is the first question we got along with Nudie Lee's answer. Naturist Couple Q: "I'm a naturist and want to bring my non-naturist partner to some nude occasions. What is the best way to encourage him or her to come along?" A: You've come along far enough in the relationship where your non-naturist partner accepts your naturist manners. That's excellent! http://nudist-young.com/nudist-beach.html , as you might know, is encouraging your significant other to participate. A couple of variables come in play. Has your partner repeatedly shot down all invitation to preceding events? If so, count your blessings that you just continue reading
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