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landing page lessons

 3 Landing Page Lessons From Costa Rica Where The Streets Have No Name

What good is Google Maps when there are no street names or house numbers?

This is life in Costa Rica. Cell + 3g access on the most remote beaches…but no roads to get to the beach. Granite countertops inside…and rusty barb wire fences outside.

Locked inside this dichotomy are a few valuable landing page lessons and selling online.landing page lessons

1) You can’t please everyone. Some people complain development is ruining the country. Others complain about the relaxed nature or lack of development. Still, there is a group that gets it and just love it here.

Your product will never be able to please everyone so don’t try and say it does on your landing page. Speak to the people who get it and ignore the rest.

2) Sometimes old, ugly or just plain weird actually works.  If your website is outdated but packed with personality and authenticity it may be doing you a favour. Think twice before you hire someone to turn it into a cookie cutter site or turn your personal message into corporate clichés. Depending on your industry and audience Continue Reading

Your Copy Sucks

Why Your Copy Sucks

Why Your Copy Sucks, And Why Your Copywriter Might Not Be Able To Help

Please don’t be mad.Your Copy Sucks

I’m not making any assumptions here…although there is a very good chance your copy does suck. I’m just using the title to filter. If your copy is great then there is no need to keep reading.

So your copy sucks for 1 of 3 reasons:

1) You, or your writer, just aren’t a good writer. Wordy, poor style, no flow. All that sort of stuff.

or Continue Reading

Skyrocket Copywriting Lesson

Sugar is Fighting Back

Skyrocket Copywriting Lesson - Sugar Is Fighting Back, And It Isn’t Pulling Any Punches

Copywriting Lesson

When reading this I almost stood up and started a slow clap for my sugar packet.

The Lesson: Do not waste time and marketing dollars beating around the bush.  Address the real issues. Continue Reading

Long Copy Sales Letters

Long Copy

I Hate Those Long Copy Sales Letters but My Coach says They Work…Do They Really?

Oh man Owen is going to kick my ass for this one. When I started writing for ByzBlog I told him I would only write 1-2 articles off topic….This is like number 4 or 5.

Actually, you know what, I’m going to keep this one on topic. OK, here we go.

Today’s lesson is: Sell To The Buyer and for god’s sake, use long copy.

The #1 question I’m asked is “Long Copy or Short?”Long Copy

OK, that isn’t true. Since I’ve been sunning in Costa Rica the #1 question I’m asked is…well, I can’t really understand what most people say to me here but I’m pretty sure it isn’t about copywriting.

Have you noticed how all over the map this article is yet? Somehow you’re still reading. That’s really weird, because I thought people didn’t read anymore. I think what is meant is that people don’t read boring, poorly written stuff, or things they aren’t interested in.

Let me explain this another way for the parents out there. Continue Reading

Authentic Story

Authentic Story


In marketing you never want to create white noise. White noise is a message that could come from your competitor. White noise is buzz phrases everyone has heard too many times. White noise is the background no one pays attention too.

White noise is created when companies use ambiguous words and generic claims. White noise is when companies would rather bore than offend. White noise is companies just repeating the same message over and over again without adding any value. Annoying isn’t it?

The alternative to white noise is creating a message that stands atop the clutter. Here are two easy ways you can stand atop the clutter without being asked to leave the mountain via Authentic Story Telling: Continue Reading

3 Important Landing Page Lessons

landing page

3 Important Landing Page Lessons By Dan Johnston

Importance of a landing page. On Sunday I got the call. It was a crisis situation and a landing pagespecialist was needed to get the job done.

No ladies, I’m not a heart surgeon. This was an urgent 24-hour landing page overhaul. It’s also the reason why I’m writing this article now, on a flight to New York, a few hours before it is due.

OK OK, let’s get to the meat of it. Continue Reading