Subscribers: The Currency Of YouTube


YouTube’s Currency Is Subscribers

I just returned from VidCon, the annual online video conference in LA where thousands of content creators came together for three days of education and entertainment focused around YouTube.  Getting subscribers was a big topic.


On the first day, which was focused around the industry and business side of online video, YouTube executives including Salar Kamangar, the CEO of YouTube, came together on stage to talk about the future of their website.


They said that the goal behind most of the things they were working on were to help content creators get more subscribers.  It was suggested by them that if you focused on just one thing with your YouTube efforts, it should be on your subscriptions because at the end of the day, they say that’s the key to making your channel successful.


And it makes sense because through subscriptions is how you build a regular audience, which especially for business is important for reaching your prospects multiple times.  Viewers who come back repeatedly are the ones who will know, like, and trust you – which is ideal for getting them to buy from you as well!


Subscribers on YouTube are like followers on Twitter or likes on Facebook.  People can still see your Twitter profile if they don’t follow you and they can still see your Facebook page if they don’t like it, but the chances of them coming back again are very slim if you don’t see your updates in their feeds.


The same goes for YouTube.  When people subscribe to your channel, they see your new videos on the homepage – which is a feed of everyone they’re subscribed to.  If you don’t have subscribers, or at least a regular schedule of uploads, you’re essentially starting from scratch with every new video (on a website that has 72 hours worth of video added to it every minute).


On Twitter we tend to focus on how many followers someone has as opposed to how many tweets they’ve written, and on Facebook we pay attention to how many people like a page as opposed to how many posts have been shared on it, so why on YouTube wouldn’t your focus be on the number of subscribers you have as opposed to the amount of videos or views you’ve received?

YouTube Is Your Friend Here Is How


4 Ways To Humanize Your Brand Through YouTube

A great thing about using youtube as a marketing tool is that it has the ability to humanize your brand, company, service, product, or even yourself. Instead of thinking of it as a place to put a promotional video or a commercial, instead use the website for its distinct advantage in helping your company to build a human connection and emotional engagement with viewers.

Here are four ways you can use online video to really make that emotional human connection with the people who watch your videos:youtube

Put a real face to the company by having a regular host or recurring personality appear in your videos. Continue Reading

Youtube – Educate Your Viewers

Youtube  Educate Your Viewers And They’ll Want To Buy From

If you’re wondering what you should do on YouTube to get more business, consider “how to” videos.  Not only is that one of the fastest growing categories on the site, but it’s also a great way to show of your skills, product, or service.  Online video audiences love to watch things that are unique, interesting… and

When people see how well you know your stuff, how great your service is, or how useful your product is, you’ll be selling them on it, without them even realizing it.  Be generous with what you show and what you tell.  I was once asked to put on a webinar for counselors about how to make their own promotional web videos to put on their websites, and even though it was 100% value and I taught them everything they needed to do it themselves, a bunch of them still hired me afterwards because they figured that I had the training, the equipment, and the expertise to make it even better than they would themselves.

Youtube Short videos are Continue Reading

Marketing via YouTube

Market On YouTube Videos

 You Can Marketing via YouTube  Without Being In Videos

If you haven’t started using YouTube as a marketing tool for your business yet because you’re camera shy, it’s time to let you in on a little secret: you don’t actually have to be in your videos to do Marketing via YouTube   .

If you can find an interesting or informative way to present what you do, you can still benefit from the great SEO capabilities that online videos provide without even being seen.

Take for example a Google search on “how to bake a cake”.   Two video results appear on the first page and neither of them actually show the face of a single human being.  One has over 300 thousand views and the other has over 1.3 million.  Imagine if you owned a bakery and had a video showing off your expertise and delicious products to that many people… without anyone from your company even being seen.

To create a strong connection with your audience and build up a fan base, having a Continue Reading

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

 Consistency Is Key With YouTube Marketing

I recently returned from a trip to Orlando, Florida for Playlist LIVE – an annual convention of YouTube Marketing content creators and fans.  This year they added an industry day where top YouTubers gave insights into ways they grew their audiences to be so big and loyal.

YouTube Marketing

One of the main pieces of advice given by many of  YouTube Marketing experts was that a regular uploading schedule of at least once a week is crucial.  Doing so helps viewers to remember when to tune in again.  Weekly makes it easy for them to know when it’s time to check out a new video, whereas anything longer than that can result in them forgetting.

Another key factor Continue Reading

Youtube Strategies

Youtube Tips

 Youtube Strategies

Do You Want A One Night Stand Or A long-Term Relationship On YouTube?

Over the long term, it’s better to build up a regular audience of viewers on YouTube than to just focus on having a viral video. Try out these four Youtube Strategies to keep viewers coming back so you can turn them into fans who think of you as soon as they’re ready to buy whatever it is that you offer.

Youtube Strategies

1. Length matters – keep it short

Many viewers will look at the length of your video when they start watching and decide whether or not it’s even worth sticking around for.  Keep it under 3 minutes for your best shot at stopping them from clicking away. Continue Reading

YouTube Videos Views

youtube videos views

How To Get More Business Out Of Your YouTube Videos Views

YouTube is now receiving 60 hours worth of web videos every minute!  That’s an incredible amount of competition for the eyeballs of your prospects.  So how do you stand out?  and get more youtube videos views? By keeping these five key things in mind when creating your videos:

  1. Be entertaining, educational, or both.  Share good information, in an engaging way, that makes the viewer want to share your video with their friends. If you’re able to entertain them, make them laugh, and even surprise them a bit, you’ll be well on your videos views
  2. Have a plan.  You should have a clear idea of why you’re creating the video, what you want to accomplish with the video, and what action you want viewers to take. A plan will save you time and energy, while also making for a better video.
  3. Don’t sell.   Continue Reading

Viral Video Myth

Viral Video Myth By Josh Rimer

The viral video myth blown wide open. There are now more cases than ever of companies receiving incredible exposure for their brand/product/service on YouTube and in return seeing great financial gains because of it. Many entrepreneurs however, seem convinced that only viral videos can help them sell more or generate leads. As great as a viral video can be for your business, there are still many cases of brands having success on YouTube without getting millions of views on a video.

The main goal for your videos should be to reach your target market. Continue Reading

How To Get Your Company on The 2nd Largest Search Engine

By Josh Rimer

Have you seen the latest video of a baby laughing on YouTube? Or that girl with the amazing voice who everyone is sure will be the next big star? When we think of YouTube we often think of entertaining videos like these, but as you may (or may not) have guessed, it’s also an excellent way for you to get your business more exposure and to stand out from your competition.

YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the internet. Yes, it is a search engine – people are using it just like they use Google, but with the expectation of the result coming in video form instead of a website or blog post.

So if your business Continue Reading