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Become the best CycleStar!

by trijakes - Sep 05, 2016 - Indoor Cycling Naples

People either move forward or they fall behind. We never stay the same. Things that coast or glide ultimately crash. We do not maintain our human condition, we evolve. As indoor cycling instructors in the top tier of our market nothing could be more important than grasping the above philosophy.

Now, assuming you have committed yourself to evolving as a CycleStar instructor we are left with the question of “how do we evolve?” I wish I could tell you it’s a natural progression of daily participation, but it’s not. If it was, talent would not be at a premium. Below are 3 traps that CycleStars need to watch out for, or they will stop evolving their class experience and eventually decline or regress into extinction.

Resisting Constructive Feedback.

Feedback is valuable to every successful business in the world. This is true in your classes as well. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to obtain feedback from their markets. When someone offers you feedback, take

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Fitness is not a Luxury

by trijakes - Aug 31, 2016 - Gym Trainer Naples

I’m mad. I’m mad at the way we have prioritized our lifestyle. I’m mad at who the majority of the population revere as roll models, and I’m mad that we are viewing fitness and working out as vain attempt to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous.



This problem starts at schools. Physical education is looked at as an optional elective, and parents are voicing concern that physical education classes should not grade their child’s performance heavily on if the child can actually complete a pushup, but rather know what a pushup looks like. Then the child grows to an adult and can hardly do 5 pushups, but he or she knows what one looks like. This is a problem, not because every man, woman, and child should be able to complete 50 pushups. This is a problem because children are taught early that fitness is optional, it’s not. Fitness is necessary to live a full healthy live. Many school districts across the United States have even cut funding to physical education programs to the po

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