7 efficient ways to stay motivated as an entrepreneur

Deciding to become an entrepreneur sure is half the battle won, but continuing to stay on the tough path of being an entrepreneur is the challenge. Starting a task may be tough, staying put is tougher. When you work under a good boss, there is always that motivation factor for you. Your boss telling you how well you did, or when you did not. But that’s a privilege that entrepreneurs do not have. They need to be their own bosses, be aware of when they are slacking, and applaud themselves for when they are doing well.

Here are 7 tips to help the entrepreneur in you to stay motivated

  1. Goal setting hack

Breaking down a huge goal into smaller goals helps to stay motivated. Making 50000$ in a year may sound daunting and almost unachievable, however breaking it down to a monthly plan, creating a plan to achieve the monthly goal helps to stay motivated. Create smaller milestones and try to achieve those

  1. The reward-punishment hack

Tie your milestones with a reward and punishment plan. For every time you achieve a milestone set a reward for yourself. This could be dinner at your favourite restaurant or the solo trip you always wanted to take. Choose a punishment plan as well. For instance, if you do not achieve your goals, you set some money aside in the punishment jar. Tricks like this will act as reinforcements for your work. Will keep you motivated when no one else will.

  1. Read more about entrepreneurs

You can read about successful entrepreneurs, listen to podcasts, and tryYouTube videos. Alternatively, you follow someone who is more field specific. For instance, being a food industry entrepreneur, you could then pick a food-based role model who has made it a big. You could learn more field centric skills that you need, quirks of the industry etc.

  1. Staying healthy, developing a routine

A good routine is the one thing that will automatically motivate you. Good routines create habit pattern that your body gets used to. Therefore making the task much easier to follow. Creating new patterns is more difficult to follow and maintain. For instance getting up every morning 5am can be a routine if your most productive hours are early morning.

  1. Reminders

When you have a lot of to-do’s you can get flustered and confused in all of the chaos. Setting reminders on your phone, having to do lists can make your task easier. These reminders act as a reinforcing factor your business. It will keep you more effective and efficient.

  1. Have an accountability partner

When you are just starting out, it would be ideal to have an accountability partner. An accountability partner is someone with whom you can share your goals and plans. They need to keep check on your activities, hold you accountable for the tasks you have done or haven’t. It always helps to have someone look out for you.

  1. Join a club

Join a club of like-minded people. Either can be from your field of business or otherwise. In clubs such as these everyone maybe sharing their own progress, sharing their hacks, skills or failures.

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