7 Tips to Find the Best CPA for Your Tax Return

Certified Public Accountants possess an intimate knowledge of the tax code. They have the skills and certification to maximize your tax savings. You need to find a competent professional CPA tax and accounting firm for your personal and professional tax returns.

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Following are 7 basic tips which can help you find a suitable and dedicated CPA professional for services:

1. Consider the CPA Specializations

Accounting, just like medicine, is a very diverse field. CPAs can study or work in a specific field to earn specialization in it. Try to acquire the services of a specialist. For instance, you need an audit specialist for assistance with your IRS tax audit.

2. Verify the Identification of Your CPA

Every CPA must register with the IRS. They are assigned a unique Preparer Tax Identification Number upon registration. You can verify the qualifications and other claims of your CPA by doing a simple inquiry with the IRS Return Preparer Office Directory.

3. Verify the License of Your CPA

The State provides a CPA with their license, which makes it legal for them to practice professionally. You can verify their license details with the State’s Board of Accountancy. You can easily find the license status, activation and expiration dates, and disciplinary or formal actions (if any) regarding your CPA.

4. Experience Matters

You can be assured that any CPA offering its services cannot do so without earning its deserved certifications. However, greater experience in a professional capacity allows for greater wisdom. Learning about tax laws in the classroom and actually exploiting them in real life are very different things.

For an instance, SG Inc CPA have more than a decade of individual experience. That is why, they are more likely to gain you greater tax savings. Experience can be the difference in your avoidance of an IRS tax audit. Experience allows for less errors to be made.

5. Confirm A CPA’s Agreement for Representation

You need to ensure that your CPA signs your tax return and agrees to represent you before the IRS for any potential inquiry. Failure to do so might prove disastrous for yourself if you have to represent yourself, or find a new CPA who will.

6. Ask for Counsel from the Wise

A dedicated CPA can offer its services for counsel and advice all year round. You can structure your business in a way that will prove beneficial. By following such sound advice, you can prepare accordingly, and maximize your tax savings in the coming tax year.

7. Consider the Costs

CPAs have different methods of charging their clients. Some charge by the hour, while others ask for a fixed cost for a specific task. You need to examine services they offer and what are their respective costs. You must do this evaluation before hiring them for their services.

As a general principle, CPAs are not allowed to charge based on a percentage of your tax refund. That’s
why, you need to avoid this kind of arrangement.

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