8 Innovative Life Sciences Mobile Applications That You Should See

There is no denying that there is an increasing demand for interdisciplinary research in life sciences. That’s because the result can solve humankind’s problems. 

Michelle Dipp, a Life Sciences expert, firmly believes that new technologies will shape medicine’s future. Hence, investing in Life Sciences innovations and technology will lead to healthcare transformations and medical breakthroughs.

That said, we have listed down mobile applications that medical professionals can use: 

AccessMedicine app

Are you working on your medical degree or already a practicing professional? Then this cool app is for you.

AccessMedicine App is a comprehensive online medical resource created by McGraw-Hill Medical. The app is designed to provide a complete spectrum of knowledge from the medical field’s best minds.

Take note: All information is practically accessible anywhere.

This application includes an extensive multimedia library, which provides for modules, procedural videos, and examinations.

AccessMedicine also has valuable features such as Quick Medical Dx & Rx. This feature lists down a collection of evidence-based outlines of conditions and disorders most often encountered in medical practice. Exciting stuff, right?

A perfect fit for a review or a quick reference in the clinical setting.

Users at life sciences institutions with full site license may further explore Fitzpatrick’s Color Atlas of Clinical Dermatology, Differential Diagnosis Tool, and Diagnostic Tests features. All you need is an active My Access account and sign in every 90 days through your institutions.

Digital Stopwatch Apps 

Do you always lose track of time when starting a task? Why not get yourself a stopwatch to help you spend your time efficiently and get yourself stick on the schedule?

Alright, that is too old-fashioned ‒ who carries a stopwatch nowadays? Then, install a digital stopwatch app on your mobile phone. Surely you will not leave it just anywhere.

Digital stopwatches are not just practically helpful when you are baking and timing a sports event.

For hospitals, especially during emergencies, timing is of the essence when offering treatment to a patient. Timing how long a patient is in a critical state is vital in determining what actions need to be taken. Thus, timers are particularly beneficial for this reason.

Healthcare staff is very much aware of the pressure there is in need to perform decisively during emergencies. Getting yourself a handy digital stopwatch can help you stay focused, knowing that you got a precise time.

ACS Mobile 

Another must-have phone app is the new eProduct in Physical Sciences and Mathematics ‒ the American Chemical Society (ACS) mobile.

This app provides you with up-to-the-minute access to new ACS ASAP articles. With this, you can read peer-reviewed content and choose from a list of more than 35,000 research articles.

The best part? It’s complete with graphical and texts abstracts.

ACS mobile app also allows you to read saved articles even when offline and share links and snippets through email and social media sites.

Full-text articles are only available for users at institutions that subscribe to ACS Publications. 

Approved Drugs

As the mobile health industries continue to grow, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concerns about health apps have boosted.

Approve Drugs app consists of over a thousand chemical structures and names of all small molecule drugs. Thus, making it easier to identify medicines approved by the FDA.

You can check the forms and names through a list. Another option is to search a drug by name, filter by structural features, and rank by similarities to a user-drawn structure. 

This app will help countries known with underdeveloped healthcare systems fight counterfeit and substandard medicines.


The upToDate app is a generic drug information database. It includes selected general and disease-specific dosing recommendations, drug information, drug conflicting effect and warning, and more. 

The app also provides a more in-depth analysis of drug-drug, herb-drug, and herb-herb interactions. No wonder as 2012 research revealed that usage of the UpToDate app is associated with improved patient care and hospital performance.

No wonder why clinicians trust this on-the-go mobile app in making the best care decisions.

Medicinal Chemistry Toolkit

The Medicinal Chemistry Toolkit app has a plethora of resources to support a medicinal chemist’s day-to-day work. 

The recently updated version of the app has new significant functionality. It boasts an interactive tool that grants a structure to be drawn and various molecular formula and weight calculations. 

If you are a practicing medicinal chemist, getting started with this app will effectively equip you with comprehensive resources throughout the drug development process. 

And oh, it is free, as long as you have an iPad!


Promega has various applications that could considerably lessen your pain.

Promega colony counter gives you a hand in counting bacterial colonies even without getting in a lab. All you will need is to snap a picture with your phone and let Promega Colony Counter give you the estimated count – you may also mask unwanted colonies. 

Another Promega app is the Restriction Enzyme Tool. This lets you explore enzymes for the rapid digestion of DNA. 

For computations, Promega also has Biomath Calculators for your everyday lab calculations.

NEB Tools App

Speaking of enzymes, the NEB Tools app provides the means to quick and easy access to the most requested restriction enzyme information. This also has interactive tools for your research and experimental design.


Now you can plan your next experiment anywhere. Data and information are just at our fingertips. Artificial intelligence and technologies speed up diagnostics and experimental processes. Indeed, this is revolutionary.

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