8 Must-Have Qualities Every Excellent Cleaner Should Have

When you’re trying to accomplish any job in any industry, there are some qualities that you’ll find that works better than others. Even if you don’t think you have these qualities, what is important is that you’re trying to improve yourself to be able to have these important qualities.

With that said, if you are looking for cleaning jobs or want to be a professional cleaner, then you need a certain set of qualities to make it. Although you don’t need to have them all now, it’s crucial that you work on them as you go along and pursue this line of work.

Without further ado, below are some must-have qualities every excellent cleaner should have. Check them out below.

1. Consistent

A satisfied customer is your best marketing tool because they will willingly become an advocate for you without your prompting. Nothing beats a job well done when it comes to promoting your services.

With that said, it is important that you provide consistent service because inconsistency can turn all your positives into negatives. No matter how good you accomplish a cleaning job for a previous client, each new client is a blank slate, even if they received a recommendation from a previous client.

This is the reason you need to be more consistent with your work, both in quality and in attendance.

2. Time Management

Speaking of attendance, you should also develop great time management skills because when you’re a cleaner, you don’t get to take your time to accomplish the job. You only get hours to be able to do a job well done. So you need to learn to manage the time that you have.

With that said, a huge part of managing your time is learning how to prioritize. You need to learn which rooms need your attention the most, or the rooms that will leave the most impact if you cleaned them.

Once you figure that out, then you need to focus on that first before you deal with anything else.

3. Honest

As a cleaning professional, you will be trusted by people to come into their home. Whether you do commercial cleaning services or you clean for people’s homes, you need honesty and a trustworthy quality to be able to retain clients in order for them to ask for your services again.

Honesty doesn’t mean only talking about the good things that you were able to do. It also involves the hard job of owning up to your mistakes.

If you broke something while you were cleaning, or any untoward incident happens, make sure that you notify your client or your boss so that the issue is resolved immediately. Hiding it won’t help you, so it’s better, to be honest.

4. Professional

Although some people may look down on cleaning professionals, you should maintain an air of professionalism about you. After all, you are a professional whose expertise is cleaning.

It may not bring in the big bucks, but it’s solid expertise and livelihood so you should act like the professional that you are.

Arrive on time. Don’t look shoddy when presenting yourself in front of clients. Make sure that you talk in a casual but professional manner to your clients as well as your boss.

If you carry yourself with dignity, the people around you will recognize that and will treat you with more respect.

5. Attention to Detail

When you’re cleaning a place, you need to be able to spot dirt or clutter that the average person may not be able to recognize. As a professional, that attention to detail will be what separates you from the competition and someone who cleans their house as part of a daily chore.

Cleaning areas that would otherwise be neglected is a key part of being an excellent cleaner. Additional touches like tidying up the bed or picking up clutter is also a great practice.

When you clean areas that your clients wouldn’t have even thought of touching, they will notice, and they will appreciate you more for it. It’s good for business and beneficial to your clients, so try to be as attentive as possible during your jobs.

6. Endurance

You’re going to need to be somewhat physically capable if you want to be an excellent cleaner. That’s because you’re going to go up nooks and crannies to be able to clean as thoroughly as possible.

Aside from that, cleaning is hard work. It may not seem like a high-intensity workout, but it’s still a form of exertion for your body.

With that in mind, you should try and develop your endurance because not doing so will ensure that you’re going to be exhausted after every job. A high endurance will do you good in this line of work. It will give you the ability to take on more jobs.

7. Discretion

Given the fact that you might be entering a lot of people’s private properties, you need to make sure that you become more discreet and don’t divulge any client information to anyone.

If you find anything funny or interesting in the house, don’t take photos of it and post it on social media because you can get fired for it and others are unlikely to trust you after. Worse, you can get sued.

A solid sense of discretion is a great touch because your customers will trust you more. Aside from that, if you work as an employee for a cleaning company, your boss may entrust you with jobs that are sensitive in nature more.

8. Good Character

An overall good character is an important quality for anybody. This quality will be harder to develop as a lot of it tends to be common sense or instinctual. Although this doesn’t mean that you will never get to be a good person.

Being a good person requires a lot more consistency and hard work than people would think, so it’s important that you work on it as much as possible. Self-awareness is the first step to developing a good character, so try to be aware of your actions more.


You’ll know that all of these qualities are important for any industry. However, there are different reasons these qualities are important for a cleaner. Hopefully, you’ll know if you’re fit for the job or at the very least, this article will be able to help you develop these qualities. Good luck!

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