8 Tactics to Keep Your Home Clean When Living With Your Dog

Your family decided to adopt a pet as an additional member of your family. However, there are several things that need to consider upon adoption: training your pet, installing additional space for shelter, and cleanliness and hygiene for your dog and the house.

Here are the eight tactics to keep your home clean when living with your dog.

Bathe Your Dog Regularly

Dog breeds differ from their coat and fur. Some dogs need a regular bath for them to remove dirt and other particles, yet some dogs occasionally need to take a bath since they also release natural oils for their coat.

Unless your dog is playful and wants to go on a puddle of mud, you need to clean him or her up after playing.

There are effective scents like lavender and peppermint that can be used for your dog for them to be pleasant and huggable.

Use an Automatic Vacuum

You should also consider buying a vacuum cleaner even when your pet does not shed too much hair. This is to ensure cleanliness on your house and prevent your floors from getting dirty from mud and other particles.

A great buy is to have a robot vacuum or Roomba. You can set it on a particular duration and leave it cleaning your floors.

Groom Your Dog Regularly

Grooming your dog will make their fur shiny and clean. You may opt to groom it at your nearest pet grooming salon.

In case you have a tight budget, you may regularly brush your dog. Dogs also wanted to be brushed especially if you train them at the early stage. It can be an additional bond to you and your pet.

Set Up a Cleaning Station

You may also consider setting up additional space for the cleaning station.

Set it up near your laundry area or near your backyard as long as there is enough water supply to clean your fur baby.

In case you set it up near your laundry area, you need to consider investing on heavy-duty floor mats, extra towels and spray bottles to clean the paws of your dog.


Dogs are naturally playful especially when you give them something, either a ball or a soft teething toy.

Although, dogs can be easily used up on the same toy you give to them. Now is the time to declutter their toys and segregate the good ones from the ones that needed to be disposed of.

In case your dog has toys that are often used, you may donate it to your nearest shelter or dog pound.

Invest in Durable Materials

Keep in mind that dogs are very playful and can roam around your house. Thus, you should consider buying durable materials like rugs, carpets, and also furniture.

On buying fabric furniture like sofa sets, look up for stain-resistant fabrics. Buy heavy-duty floor mats that are water absorbent and towels that are heavy-duty that can be used in the long run.

You should also consider buying cleaning materials like disinfectant sprays, liquid polishes, and handheld pet hair remover. This is to ensure that your house is disinfected from the outside particles.

Work Quickly on Stains

The worst-case of having a pet is not to potty train them. You should be training them at the early stage to avoid having stains on your carpet and sofa sets.

Canine urine is very strong and it can leave on your carpet when dried. In case this happens, Planet Maids House Cleaning NYC advises that you soak your carpet on a cleaning powder with water and brush it off. In case there is discoloration on your carpet and persistent odor is still present, you may call a professional carpet cleaner.

The same goes if your dog poops on your carpet. You can easily clean it off by soaking your carpet on a cleaning powder solution and brush off excess residue. 

Some stains also leave on towels after you dry up your dog. Be it mud stains or grass stains, you should frequently clean the towels if it is heavily soiled. You can soak and wash it with cleaning agents or in case the towels are white, you can use bleach to remove discoloration.

Put a Puppy Place Mat

Dogs don’t care about their dining area after eating. Sometimes you may see residues and water splashes around it and it is really a mess.

You may consider putting a placemat under your pet’s dining area. This is for easy cleanup on their area. You may even add aesthetics on the placemat like bone prints or paw prints.


Having a pet is an exciting activity. Every family may have a pet that can be a doll-like or a greyhound type.

But one thing we should mind about adopting pets: The cleanliness of the surroundings should be given priority. This is to avoid everyone in the family getting sick or making the furniture dirty.

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