The Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix is an active dog who is full of love, life and happiness. In fact, they are believed to have derived from somewhere near the Pyrenees Mountains, on the border between Spain and France. The Australian Shepherd Siberian Husky mix makes one of the cutest designer dogs out there. Australian Shepherd roots. But do they make a good combination? Most people call her the Aussiedor or Shephador. The breed was originally bred for livestock herding and is still a hardworking breed. The Aussie German is the stunning result of an Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd mix. So, it's absolutely worth it… These two parental breeds couldn’t be more different from each other in personality. Active Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mixes will need bathing every month or so. We have an schnauzer Australian shepherd mix, with tail. Submitted by sarahdriver6: I have a Border Collie Aussie mix and a full Aussie too. The Australian Shepherd, often known simply as the "Aussie", is a medium-sized breed of dog that was, despite its name, developed on ranches in the United States during the 19th century. She's a Newfoundland-Australian Shepherd mix. This agile and powerful breed does best in homes with a large fenced yard and a dedicated owner who is committed to meeting this breed’s high exercise and grooming demands. An easy-going Labrador is the complete opposite of the reserved and protective Australian Shepherd. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this mixed breed in hopes of helping you decide if he would make the right addition to … If you’re looking for a family companion pet, Aussiedor will serve you right. You May Also Like: “Dachshund and Pomeranian Mix“ Her coat is called Merle. The Aussie German is the stunning result of an Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd mix. 1 Where Does This Breed … Best Australian Shepherd Mixes. She is a lover and she is very attached to her "mommy and daddy". But these dogs are quite magical. There is disagreement regarding the exact history of the breed prior to its arrival in the United States, and thus no official consensus on the origin of its name or association with Australia. Australian Shepherd Corgi is a small dog but some may reach medium size. With these numbers, the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix is likely to live somewhere between 9-13 years. As both the Australian Shepherd as well as the Welsh Corgi originate from a bloodline of workaholics, the Augi will love being kept busy and is the ideal companion on a farm. The Australian Shepherd Corgi, also known as Aussie-Corgi, is a mixed breed created by combining the charms and genes of Australian Shepherd and Welsh Corgi. Super intelligent and cutely awkward - that's one way to describe Sheagles, the mix of Australian Shepherd and Beagle. The Aussie was produced and bred to manage livestock and this trait has not diminished through the ages. Cocker Spaniel X Australian Shepherd = Cotralian They are a medium to large size dog that has a playful and loving personality and makes great family pets. Aussies are also naturally beautiful dogs with incredible work ethics to match their intelligence. The other bright side of these cutest mixed dog breeds it’s their ‘breed’ names. Complete Care Guide. For lifespan, the German Shepherd lives an average of 7-10 years and the Australian Shepherd lives between 12-15 years. The Australian Shepherd has high energy and easily excited. This beautiful breed is a cross with the Chow and the Australian Shepherd and known for their stubbornness and talents in herding and protection. The Australian Shepherd Mix is a robust, well balanced dog that loves to get down to mischief.

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