and I have to say, im pleased with the results. Just, why don't they realize it yet? Jellal and Erza are made for each other. This isn't what it looks like – jellal and erza ♥Erza Scarlet Jellal Fernandes♥ I love them so much Possessed Jellal, Child Jellal, Edo-Jellal, Seven-Year-Timeskip Jellal, Amnesiac Jellal, Child Edo-Jellal, and Regular Jellal. With Ultear gone, Erza becomes a temporary member of crime sorciere. Find out how Erza, Jellal and Meredy conquer the Kraken and save the village. He devoted his life to a sole goal of revenge, and would stop at nothing for it. He went to the extreme of enslaving his own comrades and sacrificing Erza! Before anyone questions why we think Jellal and Erza belong together, let's go over the 5 reasons why Jellal and Erza … Jellal let out a evil laugh that echoed off the walls, giving Erza shivers. Jellal and Erza reminisce during a frigid winter's evening. This is just the first chapter of "The Death and Life of Erza Scarlet." Please Read and Review. Chapter 1 Jellal?! First and foremost, I want to thank Greatkingrat88 once again for writing this for me, I do appreciate it to finally have the story I dreamed of placed onto this site. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to … If you want me to write chapter 5, please comment on this fic after you read it. Jellal was the one to give Erza the comb she uses at the end of the series. That she destroyed the boats so we couldn't leave. Or what about when tattoos of a soulmate's first words to their unknown lover gives Gajeel and Levy the shock of their lives after a confrontation in a bookstore? She was completely vulnerable to his influences until she met Siegrain, the twin brother of Jellal. There is a chance of this being a little bit OOC-ish and I haven't watched all of Fairy Tail yet but I couldn't help myself from writing a Jellal x Erza story =,= This takes place around the time before the Tower of Heaven arc because I some what like the evil Jellal. She was completely vulnerable to his influences until she met Siegrain, the twin brother of Jellal. After he was "revived" by Wendy, he went back to his old self one of the only things that had changed being the fact he had amnesia. YOU ARE READING. Tags Fanfiction Jellal. Well, there you have it. Jellal's Sister (A Fairy Tail Fanfiction) Fanfiction. filed under: #Fairy Tail #Jerza #Jellal x Erza #erza scarlet #jellal fernandes #knight of evil #fanfiction #not a request #little fanfictions #admin gigglepud #shameless advertising #your-fixof-fics #fanfic Erza. Their lives are entwined in a story of good and evil, unrequited love and irrevocable devotion – can the scarlet haired knight melt the ice around her majesty's heart before he ruins the kingdom for good?

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