"You reach a point where you're at the bottom of hell, yet you have your arms crossed and a smile on your face, and you feel you're the luckiest person on earth" (Martel, p. 241). Father is non vegetarian, mother is vegetarian. The Wall, by Pink Floyd. and find homework help for other Life of Pi questions at eNotes. In this lesson, we will define and examine examples of simile and metaphor from Yann Martel's story of a boy's survival at sea with a tiger as his only companion, 'Life of Pi'. The Wall is an entire musical album devoted to the extended metaphor of building a “wall” around the main character. His mood can swing dramatically within the course of a sentence. Plot Falling Action Passage Life of Pi The falling action in this passage occurs when Pi is taken to the Mexican village. There is more to life, and you have to keep going with it or you’ll be left behind without a second thought. Song lyrics are a form poetry and song-writers often use this device. At the end of the story Pi is with the Writer (Rafe Spall) and talks about one of the lessons of life being to let go. So at the end he emotionally lets go of the story. The fact that these women took Pi in even though they didn't know anything about him represents Pi's fresh start. As always, I will give my interpretation of the metaphor and suggest how we can make it actionable in our lives. But suppose you some how end up one day painting a cylindrical room. The pi represent infinitism in other words God himself. By doing so the author adds ambience and emotion to the story making… An example of a hyperbole from Life of Pi is when Pi was on the lifeboat, reminiscing about his life. Personally I don't fully believe in god. • Extended Metaphor – In chapter 59 Pi uses and extended metaphor, in which he describes the creatures in the ocean below as having their own city, and being cars caught in the hustle and bustle of that city. The wall is a metaphor for the defenses a person builds … An extended metaphor is a metaphor that is started early in the work, usually at the beginning, but it can be added later, that evolves and stretches itself throughout the passage. we do not regularly use pi in our everyday life. Pi recalling all these different memories in his life also brings back all the emotions he felt which the other shows with his diction and syntax. Get an answer for 'What are some metaphors from Life of Pi?' It is here that Pi detaches form the story and gives his meaning on what it was about. When the Writer asks what the meaning of the story is Pi says why does it have to mean anything and that it’s his story now.

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