There are currently six(? Proecdysis also known as pre-molt: the period before molting when the new exoskeleton is deposited below the old one. Lately, one of them has been keeping himself between the … Hermit crabs must have the proper environment to molt successfully. Hermit crabs molt on a regular basis as they grow but it is surprisingly easy to mistake a molting hermit crab for a dead hermit crab. It is often extremely difficult to distinguish whether a hermit crab is indeed molting… The exoskeleton of a Hermit Crab does not grow; hence the only way for growth for this species is through the process of molting. The crabs are vulnerable during the molting period, therefore they tend to bury themselves underground for protection. Hermit Crab’s body consists of no bones; it has only body tissues which are guarded by the exoskeleton. A mix of moist sand and coconut fiber works best for molting. If the hermit crab is indeed molting, disturbing the hermit crab at such a fragile and critical time of their life could mean death to that molter. Cannot tell if my Hermit Crab is molting or dead. When Hermit crab passes away, you will know it without a doubt. Note: If you pick up its shell and the body falls out, it is dead. I’m not an expert on hermit crabs, but I have done some basic research, and it would be best NOT to pick him up or disturb him while he is molting. Their skeletons are on the outside, exoskeletons, and need to be shed, molted, to allow the crab to grow. THE MOLTING CYCLE The molting cycle is comprised of four stages that govern the growth of a hermit crab. Make sure there are no hermit crabs under or around her. Cut off the bottom of a plastic 2 L soda bottle. Second find a way to securely isolate the crab. My hermit crabs don't eat too much of the meal I … Hermit crabs are prone to periods of solitude and lethargy, particularly when they're molting. For the past few weeks I've been doing an ungodly amount of research into caring for the hermit crabs I got. A live crab will tighten on the Q-Tip. This page details most of them, and describes how to set up an isolation tank so your crab makes it through this difficult time. (unless you feel you must to ensure it’s safety). There is a slight fishy smell coming from my tank, I’m not sure if it’s because my crab is molting or dead. Why Should I Isolate Molting Crab? ), Koopa, Knight, Soos, Molder, and two others (That I don't know the names of because they're my siblings'). It can be difficult to tell whether a hermit crab is molting, sick, or dead. Molting is how hermit crabs are able to grow. There are some things that happen to a hermit crab when it dies that help make that determination. Hermit Crab Surface Molt First do not touch or move the crab! Hermit Crabs. Do not pick him up, as hermit crabs are very vulnerable during this time. A dead one will not. Tips. Check the home shell. This can be very bad and unhealthy. Molting Demystified! We need you to answer this question! How to Care for Molting Hermit Crabs. Don’t poke it, … How to Know when Your Hermit Crab Is Dead. Hermit crabs can be shy and unsocial. It almost smells like dead fish. Originally written by Marie Davis Updated by Stacy Griffith Is my hermit crab molting or dead? Molting can take a long time. This involves the shedding of the old exoskeleton and hardening of the new one. A molting crab may appear to be dead, however --the exoskeleton falls from the shell as if the crab has died. Push it deep into the substrate around her. Therefore, if you do not smell anything, your hermit crabs could be molting or just buried. Is my hermit crab dead or just molting? Is my hermit crab molting, dead, or what? Molting is a stressful time in a hermit crab's life. Molting, Not Dead It's not unusual for a crab owner to confuse a molting crab with a dead crab. Extra care should be given to a molting hermit crab when the time comes and there are many theories on how best to assist them. If he is dead, he will begin to smell. They can have molting periods where they shed their exoskeleton, making them look strange and immobile for months. Molting or Dead A molting crab appears quite limp and lifeless, and the body is often partway out of the shell. Because the other crab is probably mean and aggressive, the hermit crab that wont come out is afraid to shed. If he's alive, he might need to shed. But leave him be for now. Leave the mouth of the bottle uncapped so she can breathe, but make sure the other hermit crabs can't slip through the mouth of the bottle. The most important thing to remember at this point is: DO NOT HANDLE YOUR CRAB! It can be hard to tell if a hermit crab is dead, stressed, molting or just shy. You can also see if the discard is hollow or crumbles when you squeeze it. It smells more like epoxy or iodine.

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