The agency manages 42 state parks, all of Colorado's wildlife, more than 300 state wildlife areas and a host of recreational programs. 11 Mistakes Elk Hunters Make, and How to Avoid Them. This hunt is fantastic for young and older hunters as well as both beginners and experienced hunters. Deer Hunts – Colorado is know for its trophy mule deer, and we’ve got some of the best bucks in our units. If you desire to kill a Colorado Rocky mountain elk you have come to the right place. When all’s said and done, Colorado is the paramount state for passionate hunters in the USA. The hunter success rate for all manners of take in Colorado was 19 percent in 2014, and a total of 42,000 were harvested. Other Big Game Hunting in Colorado. It's estimated that there are about 280,000 elk in Colorado. August/September RIFLE Cow Elk Hunts are incredible, touting a 98% opportunity rate over the last 5 years, come hunt elk with your rifle while everyone else is just thinking about their fall elk hunt. A total of 218,000 hunters went after elk last season. Our fully-guided elk hunts gives you the opportunity to hunt one-on-one or one-on-two with an experienced Colorado elk guide. This hunt takes place on nearly 360,000 acres of Gunnison National Forest and the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. GMU’s 1, 2, 201 – If you have the points saved up, we hunt some of the best trophy elk and deer units in Colorado. A Perfect Hunt represents Elk hunting guides all over Colorado. In this article, we will discuss about five of the best place to elk hunt in Colorado. Packages and Rates. Colorado Elk Hunts. Colorado Elk Hunts. I have 2 elk points and would like to start building points for the future so I am leaning more towards the OTC option or possibly second choice tags. If you’re planning on gearing up and heading out you should be aware that it’s not quite as “easy” as when you’re gunning for white tail. Check out our hunting packages and find the one that fit your needs. I am planning to do an archery elk hunt this year in Colorado and wanted to know if anyone had advice for getting started. Our elk hunts offer 3 different options depending on what kind of experience you are looking for. We offer archery, muzzleloader, and rifle elk hunts . This hunt is a spot and stock. Because it has the maximum inhabitants of elk in North America. Every elk hunter is first and foremost focused on the bugle. The region is best place to elk hunt in Colorado by any means. We offer some of Colorado’s best fully-guided private land Archery, Muzzleloader, and Rifle Elk hunts at various locations across Colorado. Photo: mark byzewski] Elk are one of the most sought after big game animals you’ll be able to find in the United States.And more than one person has taken a trek to Colorado to see how they can fare. Forty years of experience can teach you a thing or two about elk behavior We also have a kid hunt for cow elk that we run in December. At Gunnison Country Outfitters we pride ourselves on being able to offer a style of hunt for everyone. Our cow elk hunts take place at the end of November. Many of you will probably be hunting with a partner so determine what gear you can share and which items you will need to purchase separately. For the hunter who prefers to put tasty elk steaks in the freezer rather than antlers on the wall, we also offer cow elk hunting at a reduced rate. Deer and elk are the most commonly hunted species in Colorado. Elk Hunts – Come hunt the largest herd of elk in the country! We desire to help you find the right guide service for the right elk hunt. We are you your next Colorado Elk Hunting Guide if your looking for a real outdoor adventure at a reasonable price, this is the hunt for you. Southwest Colorado elk, mule deer or black bear hunting, with all the comforts of home! Final Words. When is the best time to hunt elk in Colorado? In Colorado, the bugle begins mid-September and typically covers the archery and the first rifle season.

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