Buttermilk in liquid form is used as a food ingredient, but for stability and convenience, it is usually dried into buttermilk powder. It was formerly drunk as a beverage, but today it is mostly condensed or dried for use in the baking and frozen desserts industry. In reality it is just the milk that's left behind after cream is churned into butter. What is Buttermilk? The fat separates from the liquid, forming butter and buttermilk. Here I used 2 cups of cream. As a bonus, your hands get nice and moisturized as you go. Her buttermilk was thick, creamy, and had that real buttermilk twang that the stuff from the stores just can't duplicate. Learn how to make butter with a traditional butter churn, electric beater or just a simple jar. How to Make Butter (and Buttermilk): I am about to reveal to you an ANCIENT butter making secret, to make butter it requires, shaking, shaking, shaking, MORE shaking, lots of shaking, but the end result is FANTASTIC. Buttermilk Substitute. So as not to be wasteful, they found lots of uses for this creamy treat. Instead, nowadays, we make almost all 'buttermilk' with nonfat milk that's been fermented with bacteria that produces lactic acid. Read the Looking for Real Churned Buttermilk discussion from the Chowhound Restaurants, Los Angeles food community. How to Make Homemade Buttermilk. The natural product that was left behind was a creamy, almost tangy, and slightly acidic liquid. Buttermilk is the name used for a number of different dairy drinks. Originally, it referred to the liquid that remained after the curdling process, during which milk was churned to make butter from cream. I have a suggestion… Stop buying buttermilk and make an easy buttermilk substitute instead, whenever the occasion arises.. Buttermilk Substitute. They would let it sit for a few days. The page, How to Make Buttermilk, was such a letdown! Follow our butter making instructions for your own homemade butter making including recipes. So, here’s how you can do it. You can also make butter using a hand or stand mixer, but I think the blender is way less messy since it has a lid. There are a lot of reasons to learn how to make buttermilk. We often crumbled southern style cornbread in it and ate it with a spoon. Today, however, you'd be hard pressed to find any of that great stuff. Pour your cream into a blender pitcher. There are lots of foods that are delicious when buttermilk is added, for example, buttermilk biscuits, buttermilk pancakes, sauces, and creamy dressings. Her buttermilk was thick, creamy, and had that real buttermilk twang that the stuff from the stores just can't duplicate.

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