We want them to value diversity of thought and culture, as well as a commitment to equity and justice. Education Secretary Arne Duncan speaks about the administration's priorities for education, Monday, Jan. 12, 2015, at Seaton Elementary in Washington. The inequalities separating America’s best-resourced school districts and its worst-resourced are staggering. As immigrants poured into the country’s cities, advocates puzzled over how to assimilate them. The story of the U.S. education system gets rougher when one takes into account what the results showed about the inequality that persists within it. The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released today the first comprehensive look at civil rights data from every public school in the country in nearly 15 years. It is increasingly apparent that performance gaps take root in the earliest years of children’s lives and do not vanish. The Associated Press reports that the commission's report, "Public Education Funding Inequity in an Era of Increasing Concentration of Poverty and Resegregation," points to funding inequities caused in large part by the reliance on local property taxes to provide funds to school systems. The real crisis is inequality. New Stanford research on education inequity is based on a data set of more than 200 million test scores from 40 million third through eighth graders in every public school district nationwide. For that to be the case, students must have access to the best possible public education … Their answer: public … As economic inequities in the United States endure and, in some instances, grow, and the large achievement gaps they help drive persist, calls for policy strategies to address these gaps increase as well. Kentucky's Children at Risk: The Inequities in Public Education. The New York City public school system is the biggest apple on the U.S. education tree. Even the inequality between 50 percent poverty schools and 75 percent poverty schools is enough to drag down the average educational … Unfortunately, I do not see equality and justice in public education in Illinois on several levels. Money Matters in Education Justice Page | 5 In this report, we revisit why investing in a school funding system that addresses both equity and adequacy is essential to ensure access to a quality public education for all of Pennsylvania’s Education should also be recognized as an essential requirement for the disruption of the cycle of poverty and inequities in health. Public education began to become more common in the mid-19th century. The reality is that, for most students, the education they receive is largely based on chance, making academic opportunities into a kind of lottery -- one with profound consequences. A central challenge in improving America's education system is to guarantee equal opportunity to learn the essential content, skills, problem solving, and reasoning abilities. As the U.S. Department of Education declares, “equity in education is vital because equality of opportunity is a core American value” and integral to the country’s economic strength. By enforcing policies that aggressively dismantle educational inequality — rather than reinforce educational redlining — many more students can thrive in our … The American ethos is built around the idea that anyone can achieve success.

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