Recipe: 4 smallish limes, zested and juiced 1 stick salted butter 4 oz cream cheese 3/4 cup coconut oil 55 drops liquid stevia 1/2 tsp vanilla extract In a small saucepan on low melt all ingredients except cream cheese and coconut oil whisking slowly until completely incorporated, allow to … This recipe is delicious because it tastes like low carb key lime pie but in a bite sized serving. Cookie Dough fat bombs. They’re made with just 5 ingredients and are just 1 net carb per fat bomb! Fat bombs are a god-send when you’re on a keto diet. They help keep the sugar cravings at bay and are a … Creamy Cheesecake fat bombs are bites of heaven and a keto dieter’s dream with just 1 g net carbs!! Cheesecake makes for the ultimate, decadent fat bomb dessert. The low fat options may contain ingredients that are not optimal for your best health, and usually have more carbs in them. Cheesecake Fat Bombs. Full fat cream cheese is the way to go for this recipe and any others you are making for keto fat bombs. Low carb recipes you might like: Instant Pot stuffed Peppers. Peanut Butter Fat Bomb . This Low Carb Key Lime Cheesecake is so creamy and always a crowd-pleaser! Other Keto Fat Bombs you might like: Strawberry fat bomb. The base is almond flour and butter crust and the cheesecake filling is made with lime juice and lime zest, which provides plenty of lime … Keto Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies. Top with chocolate or coconut and enjoy these low-carb fat bombs … Keto Cookie Dough. There’s just something about the pairing of tangy lime flavor with a luscious cheesecake that produces heavenly results. Key lime cheesecake is one of the most delightful desserts out there, whether you’re on a keto diet or not. Cauliflower Bites. This No-Bake Keto Key Lime Cheesecake is tangy, delicious, creamy, and so easy to make. Creamy Peanut butter cheesecake fat bombs make the perfect keto snack or dessert.

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