MuleyMadness Hunting Forums. Browse Rugged Maps Montana Hunting District Maps with variable Contour Lines of 100ft, 200ft, or 300ft. Drew my first antelope tag this year. Any good Antelope hunting in the 700 series in Montana. # Applicants: Total number of resident and nonresident 1st choice applicants. The Missouri Breaks (Hunting District 700) and Custer Forest Elk Management Unit (HDs 702, 704, 705) remain the two “core” elk populations. This is a sub-unit in the region 700 area for MT. Skip to ... Posts: 13 Joined: Wed Jul 04, 2007 3:42 am Location: Montana. The number had been reduced for the 2,011 Antelope season but in my opinion not by nearly enough! Elk Hunting in Montana HD 700 - Missouri Breaks-Prairie Those portions of Garfi eld and McCone Counties lying within the following-described boundary: Beginning at the Musselshell River Bridge near Mosby on State Route 200, then north down the Musselshell River … Really pumped to get out west to hunt for the first time. % Successful : Percentage of 1st choice applicants that were successful. The first thing I checked was the number of Antelope Permits for the Region 700 Hunt Districts. this is my first attempt at antelope in Montana and hoping for some advice in the 700 series units. Basically Custer to Miles on the I-94 and north to highway 200 (Jordan and south). The first three digits most often represent the hunting district number. Peck and in the "refuge" its is also in Region 6 (the 600 units) - this Hunting District is #652 and its opening and closing dates for Rifle Hunting also coincide with the state seasons (at 5 weeks long). I have shot plenty of deer, turkey, and ducks in the Midwest, not new to hunting, just to western hunting. # Successful: Total number of 1st choice applicants that were successful. Post by muledeerrock » Fri Jul 06, 2007 3:43 am I see from the maps lots of private land. By far and away the largest chunk of record book pronghorn from MT have come from this area, primarily due to the high numbers and good antelope habitat. These are NOT 700 units. There is also one other Hunting District on the north side of the Missouri/Ft. Any suggestions for a first time antelope hunter in unit 700 is greatly appreciated. License/Permit Type. My son drew his first antelope tag for the 700's in Montana and I am trying to do as much online scouting as I can since we are about 13-14 hour drive from the units and we have not hunted antelope before. Picked up a set of the brand new Montana Deer, Elk & Antelope Regulations today. Outside of these areas, elk numbers across the region are low, distribution is spotty and elk are primarily found on private land where public hunting access is limited.

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