Download Planet 51 Streaming In HD . Chuck Baker arrives on Planet 51 -- a world reminiscent of American suburbia circa 1950 -- he tries to avoid capture, recover his spaceship and make it home safely, all with the help of an empathetic little green being. Befriended by a young resident, he has to avoid capture in order to recover his spaceship and try to return home. Peku roštilj, traže posao, odlaze u kino, zaljubljuju se i istražuju državne zavjere. Follow the movie on Facebook and Twitter Plot Summary When astronaut Capt. The Glipforg community is always on the look out for humans, they think humans are evil zombies. Un astronauta llega a un planeta en donde los habitantes están atrapados en una versión de los Estados Unidos de los años cincuenta. It's available to watch. Charles "Chuck" Baker lands on Planet 51, he thinks he is the first life form to set foot there. It is funny and very entertaining, even my husband stayed for the whole thing (he takes the 'family' out of 'animated family film'). A town called Glipforg, located on Planet 51 is a very peaceful town, that has green, snail people living there. Watch Planet 51 - Action/Adventure on DIRECTV. Watch Planet 51 trailers and video, including teasers, extended looks, exclusive clips, footage, sneak peeks, interviews, and more on Moviefone. Right from the start, Planet 51 jumps in and embraces all of our alien stereotypes and beliefs, having cleverly reversed the roles. It's available to watch. The inhabitants of Planet 51 live in fear of alien invasion. But he gets the shock of his life when the residents of Planet 51 mistakenly believe that his presence is the start of an alien invasion of the human kind! Charles "Chuck" Baker lands on Planet 51, he thinks he is the first life form to set foot there. When Chuck the astronaut (Dwayne Johnson) lands on a distant planet filled with little green people, he is surprised to discover that we are not alone in the galaxy. An alien planet, stuck in the culture of the 1950s, finds its paranoia kick-started into high gear when a NASA astronaut arrives without warning and turns their world upside down. FMovies - Watch Free Movies Online in FULL HD Quality on /, FMovies has more than five thousand and updated daily Planet 51 (1:31, PG) — SF, 2nd string, original Let us enumerate the other movies which this one rips off (or, if you wish, to which it pays homage): 2001, Alien, The Day the Earth Stood Still, ET, The Right Stuff, Singin' in the Rain, Star Wars, Terminator, and WALL E. Even the inexplicable rain (rocks) is evocative of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

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