We begin this episode with Jess whose none too happy with the police over what’s happened with Armstrong. The auditions are over, and now the real high stakes part begins. Just when it seemed as though we were going to spend the rest of the series stuck in a loop of Lisa probing Shaun’s alibis and Med making tea, … Here’s a full recap of last week’s episode (April 17, 2019) and what to look out for i… Pip Ellwood-Hughes April 24, 2019. Pip Ellwood-Hughes April 17, 2019. The Bay episode 4 recap. Warning: This recap contains major spoilers for season 6, episode 10 of Schitt’s Creek. This recap of The Bay Episode 2 contains spoilers. We take you through all the best moments from last night’s (April 24, 2019) final episode – … Despite what Holly tells the police that she killed her brother, they believe there's is more to the truth than she has told them. Directed by Robert Quinn. 0 0 0 0. Fair play, The Bay. Lisa (Morven Christie) connected the dots and made a surprising discovery on the latest episode of The Bay. Somebody must have heard something that night – that’s the crying call from the police department at the start of The Bay Episode 4. THE fifth episode of The Bay saw a shock confession from someone who claimed to have killed Dylan. Mar 17º, 2020. ITV. Lisa’s kids get in deeper while the finger points to two new murder suspects in The Bay episode 3. The Final Stand . 0 Shares. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words. ... Series 1-Episode 6. ... bruised mess in the middle of the street and we leave The Bay for another episode. THE Bay has come to a dramatic conclusion and we finally now know who killed Dylan Meredith. THE third episode of The Bay kicked off with the discovery of missing teenager Holly’s bag and what was found in it. Chang tells them not to die for him as the Queen sits atop her throne and watches as the undead pour through. The season 2 finale of Kingdom begins with the remaining survivors working together and contemplating how they’re going to survive the night. ITV. The Bay episode 3 review: family secrets tumble out. In an emotional opening, The Bay Episode 2 addresses the dead body found … 0 0 0 0. THE fifth episode of The Bay saw a shock confession from someone who claimed to have killed Dylan. Find reviews for the latest series of The Bay or look back at early seasons. THE fourth episode of ITV drama The Bay revealed where missing teenager Holly has been. Find reviews for the latest series of The Bay or look back at early seasons. ITV. After five weeks of mystery and drama, The Bay finally draws to a close with its finale. Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie) enjoys the routine nightlife, but is also able to snap into professionalism with a daunting hangover the next day.As she enters the workplace with a suspect tinge of alcohol on her breath, her boss delivers a report of two missing children; twins Dillian and Holly Meredith.

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