(Moles are beneficial in many ways. Their diet is mainly vegetarian and consists of plants, tree bark, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Which form of pest do you have? Pine voles do their munching on roots and other underground plant structures like bulbs, and meadow voles are notorious for severing plants right at the crown (where the plant meets the ground). Soft fruit is a favourite food, especially strawberries. Moles vs. voles. Related: What's the Difference Between Moles and Voles? Moles have a mainly carnivorous diet. They can also enter sheds and … Bank voles will even climb trees for fruit and berries. Voles eat aboveground and munch on vegetation, nuts and seeds – often leaving gardens bare and creating scratch marks along trees and branches. Voles mainly eat stems and blades of lawn grass—so it’s usually vole tunnels that you’ll see near the surface of the yard. It eats fruit, nuts and small insects, but is particularly keen on hazelnuts and blackberries. Voles have a diet similar to many other rodents. Bank Vole by Peter Trimming is licensed under CC BY 2.0. The bank vole, on the other hand, lives in holes dug into hedge banks, under sheds, amongst tree roots, in log piles and various other locations which are more readily found in gardens. Avoid baits that contain strychnine because predators that eat the poisoned gopher may also die. Remember, voles eat their vegetables (or fruit, as the case may be), and moles eat meat. In cold weather field mice often enter greenhouses and cold frames, where they can destroy many seedlings overnight. Asked in Animal Life What eats a Water Vole? The field vole’s diet is dominated by the leaves and stems of grasses, but it has also been recorded eating moss. Dig a hole to the appropriate size and depth of the fruit tree/root ball you’re transplanting. Credit: Gillian Pullinger / Alamy Stock Photo. After having voles eat the roots and kill some of our fruit trees, we’ve learned from our mistakes. Voles bring with them diseases and insects common to rodents. In gardens and farmlands, voles can feed on almost any vegetable, as well as on their roots and tubers. The majority of voles are herbivores, and feed on grasses, tubers, herbaceous plants, and bulbs. When planting new fruit trees, do the following to prevent voles from damaging or killing your trees: 1. How to Protect Flower Bulbs From Voles. Since using only one method is rarely effective, we suggest that you should prepare a plan of action. During winter and fall months, voles are known to eat the bark and roots of trees. Meadow voles are harmless creatures, but can be a big nuisance. Mice and voles can eat the recently sown seeds of peas, beans and sweet corn and kill seedling plants by grazing on the foliage. How do field voles breed? Bank voles are very active and agile animals, and are frequently seen - they even visit bird tables. How do field voles breed? Field voles breed rapidly and one female can produce as many as six litters of up to eight young in a single year. Voles like to eat the roots of plants. The field vole’s diet is dominated by the leaves and stems of grasses, but it has also been recorded eating moss. Voles have teeth and therefore are capable of biting; however, it would be very rare to actually be bitten by a vole. Autumn is a time of plenty for bank voles since they eat nuts and berries from the hedgerows but because they also feed on spillage from bird feeders we have a reasonable chance of seeing one. The following steps can be included in this plan: 1. Mice and voles can eat the recently sown seeds of peas, beans and sweet corn and kill seedling plants by grazing on the foliage. Discover practical solutions for keeping your bulbs safe from these furry, mouse-like rodents. Voles, similar to other rodents, have a mainly vegetarian diet. Mike McGrath. They help plow the soil and eat grubs and insects!) Voles can eat away so many roots that a large tree will die or suddenly fall over without warning because it is deprived of its anchoring support. Do voles bite? 2. Voles, also known as meadow mice, are herbivores that feed on grasses, tree bark, roots, tubers, and vegetable crops.

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