Notes Edit. It first aired on the 14th October, 2012 on ITV in the UK. He was played for the series first three seasons by actor Dan Stevens. Spanning 13 years of the early 20th century, "Downton Abbey" has seen its share of character deaths -- some more deserving than others. In the U.K., last night’s episode aired on the evening of Christmas Day. Matthew was the son of the late Reginald Crawley, a doctor, and his wife, Isobel Crawley Grey, a nurse. The actor who played Matthew Crawley, Dan Stevens, wanted to leave the show and there was nothing Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes could do about it except write him out of the show. We gently reminded viewers that sometimes actors determine the plot of television shows, as was the case with the death of Matthew Crawley. The proverbial cat is out of the bag. Last night we, that is American audiences who watched the season finale of Downton Abbey, found out what British viewers and the Internet already knew: that Matthew Crawley got killed in a car accident. Set in summer 1920, likely August or September. If he’d lived, Matthew Crawley never would have inherited Downton, or fallen in love with Mary! The unknown heir presumptive. Matthew (Dan Stevens) was the second young Crawley to die this season, after his sister-in-law Sybil (Jessica Brown Findlay) didn't survive the birth of her daughter. Episode 3.05 is the fifth episode of series three of Downton Abbey. Matthew’s death occurred because Stevens chose not to renew his contract and the powers that be decided against recasting. If he’d lived, Matthew Crawley never would have inherited Downton, or fallen in love with Mary! And what a horrible way it happened! With my love." For an interview with the actor on why he quit, click here. You have to figure that, with Matthew’s surprise demise, it wasn’t the merriest way to end the holiday for millions of British viewers. Matthew Crawley, Reggie Swire and Isobel Crawley at Lavania's burial. In the 2011 Christmas Special Anna Bates and Daisy Mason use a Ouija board which spells out the words; "May they be happy. Sorry Patrick! He was clever and smart and made a living as a solicitor in Manchester. Sorry Patrick! Dan Stevens: Why I left Downton Abbey As a nation reels from the death of Matthew Crawley, Dan Stevens talks exclusively to Sarah Crompton about his departure from the ITV drama. Matthew Reginald Crawley was a character on the period drama, Downton Abbey. Killing off Matthew Crawley was the only credible exit, say Downton makers The makers of Downton Abbey have moved to console devastated viewers about the … At Lavinia's funeral, Matthew is tortured with guilt because he let her die with a broken heart. It is possible that this is meant to be Lavinia's spirit talking about Mary and Matthew.

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