Let’s make this a place for sharing how we are passing the time, and how we are coping. 56 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas. A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed unexpectedly for a stranger or a friend, such as paying a compliment or sending a handwritten letter. Please share your thoughts and experiences with all of us. Recently, I’ve been doing acts of kindness with my family. Help your family, neighbors, friends, or the elderly with their household chores such as: Cleaning up … I hope that with this post we’re able to incorporate even more random acts of kindness into our lives and become more intentional about how we interact online. Performing random acts of kindness may make each of us feel good, but working to eradicate local, national, and possibly global issues, such as hunger or homelessness, might feel even better, and help to accomplish sustained good. 1. I think it first started when I heard about what a local girl scout troop had done, completing Random Acts of Kindness. You read Finding Beauty in Quarantine and Random Acts of Kindness. Question being answered: How did the notion of "random acts of kindness" start? The purpose of this special day is to urge people to be kind to each other, especially those they don't know, without any specific reason.. It’s likely that you already do at least one of the random acts of kindness mentioned above on a regular basis. Perform an Act of Kindness Please note for the next few months Random Acts will be primarily focusing our attention and funding on helping those impacted by COVID-19, therefore funding and approval for acts may be delayed. We are really trying to encourage our kids to think outside of their little world. Plant flowers in a public, neglected corner. One of these strategies is to take the challenge to perform five acts of kindness, one day a week. A simple act of kindness does much more than help the receiver, studies show, and any kindness you give to … These strangers share the simple, random act of kindness that altered their universe. A woman returned to a Starbucks drive-thru with an … Post positive notes around your community. ... so she started selling $5 "education bracelets" to fund her tuition at John Jay College back in 2012. 42 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas. 2. 110 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids. So check out my cards, print them out, give them away, and create a chain reaction of kindness. Some random acts of kindness end up going viral when people share photos of good deeds. Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Christmas. I loved the idea, and integrated it into some groups I was working with at the time.

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