How to Host the Perfect Destination Meeting

Amongst the business circles there is an old saying – a meeting that should’ve been an email. Even the researches show that too many meetings can have a very negative impact on the individual as well as on the company. In today’s corporate world many view meetings as a waste of time, but the inevitable truth is that they are necessary. So, how can you make sure that your employees, clients and partners look forward to the meeting instead of trying to ignore it? Well, we have a great idea.

One of the newest inventions in the business world are destination meetings. Adding an additional benefit to an otherwise monotonous meeting can significantly increase the chances of participants’ satisfaction. Nothing has to be boring, and you can always make things more interesting and enjoyable. Even the most serious C level executives like to have fun, value their time, and will appreciate spending it well. The only thing you need is a little creativity and we can help you with that!

Who is Your Target Audience and What Matters to Them?

In order to create the best destination meeting you need to know your audience. Are you entertaining a board of directors, new recruits, or promising business partners? And make no mistake, all of them can be entertained. Focus on the needs of your audience and their preferences. Of course, you can and should colour outside of the lines a little bit, so don’t be afraid of experimenting. The most senior executives have enjoyed a good spa day or a board game in the local pub.

The important thing is to strike a balance between the work to be done, and the additional activities that bring value to the entire group. You can only do that if you know the needs of the people, but perhaps you don’t have that luxury. If you don’t have a long-term business or personal relationship with all of the participants you can always take the direct route and ask people what they prefer. Use the answers you get to plan a perfect destination meeting. If they have a say in it, they will surely be more likely to actively participate

Choose the Best Location and Use  Most Out of It!

Destination meeting is all about the destination. Choosing the right one can make or break your innovation, so make sure that you have carefully thought through this decision. The needs of the group should come first, but also consider the price versus quality ratio when deciding what the best choice is. A luxury hotel might seem like a good idea but it turns out that the group had way more fun in the pub across the street that serves cheap beer and has a pool table. Don’t go for the seemingly best option but take a closer look at all the variables.

Besides choosing the actual venue and making sure it can fulfil all the needs (rooms, conferences, audio and video equipment, bar and restaurant), consider the location itself and what other activities you can find. Sightseeing, hiking, kayaking… There are many additional options that can help fill in the time between meetings and improve the quality of the time invested. The importance of face to face meetings is vastly unappreciated, so don’t make that mistake with this destination meeting. Give people time to connect in a more relaxed environment.

Don’t Forget the Meeting Portion of the Event

Having a boring and tiresome meeting that is interrupted by random museum visits and culinary workshops won’t really lead to an inspiring outcome. The time you invest into additional activities should not be greater than the time invested in creating the best and the most productive meeting. The core of the entire adventure needs to be the most thoughtfully planned out piece of the puzzle. Even the most tedious presentations can be improved, and the interchanging of meticulous data brought to a new, more pleasing level. Make sure your guests enjoy this part of the day as well.

Choose a Destination Management Company for the Best Possible Results

A lot goes into planning this kind of adventure, especially since they are not so frequent and popular. To be quite honest, you might be in over your head. So, what can you do to change it? The best idea is to hire a destination management company. If you are doing this for the first time, you might be in over your head. It would be a waste to invest so much time and come up short on the results. Hire professionals, take the back seat and enjoy the ride. Your guests will end up happy and pleased, and you could learn a thing or two. Any investment that leads to satisfied partners and customers is a good one.

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