Top iOS App Development Trends that Revolutionizes Mobile App Development Industry

In this technology-driven world, keeping your business up-to-date is the need of the hour. The majority of enterprises invest in mobile apps for embellishing their business reach and engage customers worldwide.

iPhone apps are people’s favorite. Businesses who are looking forward to capturing significant market share would be making a lucrative deal by investing in an incredible iPhone app development solution. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in iOS app development:

  • Intuitive User Experience
  • Higher Probability to Reach Tech-Savvy Audience
  • Secure and Flexible User Interface
  • Empowering Business in the International Market
  • Higher Return on Investment compared to Android

Apple has always had a key in bringing a revolutionary change in the mobile app development industry. Every year, the company has a lot to share in terms of latest updates, features, graphics which is enough to keep iOS app development companies and iPhone developers, on their toes!

2019 is no different. The emergence of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, IoT, and much more have opened new doors of innovation for iOS app development. Following are the top iPhone app development trends which are transforming the future of the app industry.

  1. Hello Siri, What About Artificial Intelligence?

iPhone app developers begin to create AI-enabled apps that can effectively learn from past experience, exhibit the ability to reason, and perform specific tasks like computer search engines, voice recognition, or performing medical diagnosis. Let’s see how mobile app developers employ AI to improve iOS app development.

With its latest release, SiriKit for iOS developers enables iPhone apps to work with Siri just using the voice. There are several benefits of adding a SiriKit with your app, such as it promotes hands-free use. Siri shortcuts intelligently suggest actions which you want to perform using the app. You can run shortcuts by voice or create custom shortcuts with the new shortcut app.

  1. Embrace the Power of AR/VR

With the release of ARKit to mobile app developers in 2017, Apple seems to pay the same kind of attention to augmented reality as it pays to newest iPhones. The development kit comes with multiple templates thus, iOS developers can easily insert AR elements into an app. For instance, using ARKit2, developers can create multiplayer games and simulations which was not possible earlier.

  1. Swift 5 – #1 Programming Language

Apple’s Swift is one of the top 10 programming languages and continues to grow rapidly. Due to its simplicity, scalability, and security, currently, 3,50,000 apps are written in the Swift language. In early 2019, the latest version of Swift was released, ‘Swift 5’ giving iPhone developers extensive opportunities for successful app development.

  1. IoT – Let’s Get Connected, But Securely

The list of iOS development trends is incomplete without mentioning IoT. Apple introduced a highly secure ecosystem called HomeKit. It enables users to communicate, control, and configure connected home automation accessories. With this, users can create actions to control and manage such devices with the help of Siri.

  1. Adding an Extra Layer of Security in App Development

Apple has created an enterprise-wide, security-minded culture that helps users to maintain a safe working environment. With the use of Authentication Services Framework, developers can integrate password manager apps with Password AutoFill.

Takeaway Point

Development trends change quickly, so you need to stay tuned for the current updates. You can also consult a reliable iPhone app development company that can guide you to the new innovative directions and guarantees to develop next-gen applications for your business.

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